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How to Get Married: Legal Requirements

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NOTE: Please be informed that this blog is based on Cagayan de Oro City requirements. The process for other places may vary and is beyond my jurisdiction. @_@

For a marriage to be called valid or legally binding; it must be registered/recorded at the government branch called Civil Registrar. It is basically the logbook of our government. The legality of a marriage has many purposes such as civil, financial,  health benefits, and many more.

Below are the steps to get your “Marriage License”.


Find someone who is willing to marry you. This someone must not be currently within a marriage or ‘free to marry’. Note that there is no divorce in the Phils. Even if that person has been living separately from his/her spouse for longer than 10 years he/she is still considered married by law unless his/her wife/husband is already dead. This person must also be of legal age (18 years old and above). If either of you are within 18-21 years old; you are required to present an “Affidavit of Parental Consent”. Other additional requirements will be necessary for non Filipino nationals.


Go to the City Hall’s “Civil Registrar’s Office” located at the 2nd level of the ‘new building’. You will see flow chart for marriage license application on the window. Go inside the office and find the the table for “marriage registration”. Ask for the application for marriage form. (you will be required to present both your cedula) Fill up the form accordingly.


Return the form to the person in-charge and present your cedula. The person in charge will then give you a list of requirements to comply enable to claim your marriage license 2-3 weeks after application.


2 Photo Copies each of your NSO Birth Certificate

2 Photo Copies each of your CENOMAR (bring original copy)

Certificate of attendance to Family Planning Seminar to be attended at the City Health Office.

Note: You can get your NSO Birth Certificate and CENOMAR (within 1 day) at the NSO office at Pride Rock, Gusa. You can also opt for a more convenient way by getting it at SM CDO. You can go to the ‘SM Business Service Center’ booth at the 2nd level of the mall. Fill out the form and you will be able to claim the documents after 7-14 working days. There is only a 20 peso difference between the payment at NSO office and SM.

(white form for B.C. and green for CENOMAR)

SM CDO business sevicce center


Family Planning Seminar are held every Wednesday at the City Health Office located near Xavier University campus or Hall of Justice. It is a whole-day seminar so it would be best to bring snacks or water. It is a must that both of the couple will attend the seminar. You will be sent home if you come without your partner. This is a free seminar; all you need to do is register your names. The certificate will be given at the end of the seminar.


Once you have complied all your requirements you may now claim your Marriage License. Payment will be made to claim the license for documentation purposes. Remember that this license is valid for 6 months only. You can now opt for a “Civil Wedding”. For “Church Wedding” another set of requirements will be necessary.

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How to Get Married: Step 1

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Get Married: Step 1

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Wow! It has been a century since I’ve last posted a blog. My wedding is coming really soon and preparation has been a crazy roller-coaster! @_@
But I really am taking this time to write about the topic at the title because I’ve been getting inquiries from a number of my friends who recently got engaged! (Yey!) ^_^
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So, he popped the question, she said “yes” and you are both in this giggling, smiling, in-love state. But what comes next? It is the gruesome, exhausting, frustrating, debate worthy, and financially depleting… wedding plan.

It may sound terrible but like the saying “to make a blade sharp, it must first go through fire” this is one of the best ways to test your relationship.

For this blog, I’ll be taking about the “First Things” that you (as a couple) need to consider.  But don’t worry, I’ll be writing a separate blog for other details about the wedding planning.

The “B”

Wedding planning revolves around a capital B, and it’s not the bride! It is the “BUDGET”.

 ₱₱₱    $$$    ₱₱₱

It is the most important thing to consider because you don’t want to be buried in debt or sleeping on the streets after your wedding.

It is the first thing the wedding organizer/planner will ask you; should you decide to hire one. It will be your basis when you canvas wedding packages; if you opt for one. And if you decide to go hands-on; it will be your best guide.

There are two major factors in your wedding budget one is  “Venue” and the other is “Guests”
Venue means the type of wedding that you’d like to have. It can either be Church (for Roman Catholics) or Civil wedding. Church wedding requires you to comply two sets of requirements (church and civil requirements) and it is important to consider that as well. It also means the actual place of the wedding. Your budget will depend on the venue of the ceremony and reception. Churches, like hotel establishments, have different basic charge amounts ranging from Php 3,000.00 to Php 25,000.00. Your choice will definitely affect your budget.

Guests means the number of expected people attending your wedding day. Don’t be lazy. “Make a list”. This is very important because other expenses will be based on your expected guests.

Here are some information that you might find useful:
1.) Entourage rental gowns usually come in 4 to 6 sets bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen wear and 4 set of flower-girls dress. Extra dresses/suits will have a different additional charge.
2.) Food is around Php 300.00 and up per pax (that means per head) on the average. That is exclusive of corkage charges.
3.) Wedding favors or giveaways cost around Php 20.00 or more per piece.
Now multiply those with the number of your expected guests and you’ll have a rough budget estimate.

And this is just the beginning….  I hope that you’ll find these information helpful.

More blogs on this soon… And congratulations once again! ^_^