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Momgyver: Carton box Shoe Organizer Project

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

Have you ever experienced a "shoexplosion"? You know, that explosion of shoes your kids make inside the shoe cabinet. Well, I have an easy, cost-free solution.

I just want to share with you a very simple 'one-afternoon' project that you can do while the kids are asleep. It's also more of a recycling project that doesn't need any expensive materials.

Start with milk carton boxes.

Cut the boxes in half horizontally.

Then line the peices up and stick them together with hot glue.

Finally wrap it with a cute gift wrap paper or any large paper that's available at home. You can even wrap it with plastic cover after.

Now, your children's shoes are organized and easy to find. (Plus! It saves a lot of cabinet space.)

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Hello Gorgeous Reader!
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Hello Gorgeous Reader!

My girls wearing matching clothes. I remember wearing matching clothes with my sister when we were kids. Sometimes it they were exactly the same, other times with different colors. Mine were red and her clothes were yellow. :)

Did you ever wear matching clothes with your sibling/s?

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