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I’m Back?

Hello Gorgeous Reader!I am the indistinctive writer. I figured that I should introduce myself again since it has been a long, LONG time since I last wrote a blog.You might recall me dropping comments on your blog, or writing about my random day to day life, and I also did a blog series.Today, I woke up a completely different person. Actually, someone reminded me about this blog and felt compelled to write.Honestly, I don’t want to… I’ve neglected this blog for the longest time. I probably lost most of my followers and blogger friends. I don’t even know how or where to start again.I suppose explaining why I haven’t blogged would be the most I can do.It all started last February when my boyfriend of 7 years proposed to me.He opted for the traditional way of asking for my hand in marriage by April .I also went through work issues and finally quit my employment and bid my crew/staff goodbye for a home-based job by May.July of this year, my fiancé and I were offered a house(a big wreck act…