Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthy Living: My first Fun “Walk”

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


Sorry about my last blog… It was kind of emo. Well, it did make me feel better sharing my anxieties… I know they’re pretty lame… ~_~   Thanks so much to those who gave comments and advice. It really means a lot to me. ^_^


Anyway, on the lighter side of things, I did mention about getting fit and healthy on my last post. My fiancé had been encouraging me to stay fit and exercise. He is fond of joining “Fun Runs”.

**here’s the proof**char run

He encourages me to join, but I was too busy with work then. So now that I work from home; I had no reason to decline. ~_~

I’m asthmatic and lousy so I was really intimidated by it all. I said “Can I just walk instead of run?” And I did walk half or three fourths or the 3 kilometer distance.

OMG~ can I do this?


I honestly almost quit, especially when I walked past a McDonalds store! LOL ^_^ But I persevered after seeing 7 year-old kids running past me. LOL

Here we go~…








Finally, I made the 3K run! My fiancé said he was proud of me, but I was really surprised at myself! ^_^

Yay! Finish Line!!


He ran 10 kilometers! ^_^


It was a nice experience for change. Even nicer to watch a whole family join the “Fun Run” There were a couple of familiar faces who joined the event too. It was a nice bonding moment. ^_^





Have you ever joined a Fun Run reader? I hope you had a nice time. ^_^

Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Jitters

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


Well, it’s 12:20am and I’m still wide awake. I haven’t been quite getting much sleep of late. A couple of times, I fell asleep at 4am. I don’t know really… I’ve just been such a mess lately. There was one day that I found myself grinding my teeth in anger and irritation; I snapped and stopped when I realized I didn’t know what I was angry about. It just felt mad. This must be what ‘matchbox 20’ meant about being unwell.


There’s just so many things on my mind right now; the wedding, the expenses, and my inevitable domestication which is consequence of the marriage.  I’ve always been a home buddy and in fact, if there’s one person I’d want to spend the rest of my life with, it would be my fiancé. Which is why I wonder so much about these feelings of anxiety.

At first, I was scared of being rejected. Since he said that I’d be moving in with him and his sister/s, I kind of had this fear of rejection. I picture myself like some new appliance that he brings home to them. That I’d have to shut myself off while his gone (face the wall or something) and turn back on when he’s home. I am very very shy around his family and a huge part of that is because I fear rejection.

Then I became anxious about expenses. I do have a bit of money that I was saving for a vintage car. But since we’re getting married it is only just and sensible that I share with the expenses. Besides, cars aren’t very good investments. When I computed the budget, I realized we’ll both eventually use up most of our savings for this one day. Recently we started spending and the more we spent the more anxious I’ve become. I started thinking… when we’re married, I probably won’t get to buy what I want without having to justify it to him. And if I bought some luxury for myself, people would think he bought it for me since he’s earning more than I am. I definitely don’t want people thinking that I’m some kind of gold digger or that I’ve benefitted from him or the marriage. I’ve been quite independent financially. I bought most, if not all, of whatever I owned from my own earnings. I’ve never been the type to ask from my parents either. Come to think of it, I may be anxious about my independence and not about the expenses after all.

Most of all I’m anxious about the responsibilities the marriage would require on me. Right now, I pretty much do whatever the heck I wanted to do. Sleep or wake up whenever I wanted; eat or not eat whatever I wanted; stay awake ‘till dawn playing kiddy online games (y8-fireboy & watergirl). When we’re married I’d have to do the chores, eat, sleep on a specific schedule to keep up with his. I’d have to keep fit to be a desirable and ‘fruitful’ wife, unlike the fat loser life-style that I have right now . I’m pretty sure there’s a list somewhere on what a good wife ought to be.What makes it worse is the fact that I don’t want to disappoint him.


***sigh***    ***sigh***   ***sigh***  I sound miserable, don’t I? Crying face


If there is one consolation about my on going anxieties, worries and altogether madness; it’s him. I could tell him anything; even these embarrassing anxieties. That’s probably the main reason why I chose to marry him. Because with him, I can be completely honest with myself. I guess that matters more in a marriage than any silly anxieties.


How about you reader; have you had relationship fears or anxieties? What life changes made you anxious?

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


As you might have noticed (or not), I have placed ‘pages’ below my blog title. I figured it would be easier for you to browse through my blogs if they were categorized and  you can simply click on their links on the pages section.

Anyway, I’ve designated a page for “Poetry, Prose and Inspirations”. Since I am ‘an indistinctive writer’ it is only right to share with you the pieces that I have written or am working on. I’d also like to feature some of the literary pieces or maxims that have inspired me to write.

So here’s one.








After watching the film I wiki searched about the book by Suzanne Collins like a good fan girl would do. Then, I went to probably 6 bookshops demanding for the book. Most of them were sold out; one store keeper did not know what the heck I was looking for.

A few weeks later, after loosing all hope of getting a copy, I saw a package deal of the 3 books at a bookshops window section(one that I went to and was sold out last time) . I ran inside, grabbed the books and headed for the teller without even checking if I had enough money. (LOL) Luckily they accepted debit cards and I got the books.

I read the entire trilogy in a week; literally. I started Saturday and ended Friday. And that’s crazy for me (a girl who hates reading).

Of the three books, I enjoyed ‘Catching Fire’ most although I felt like the pacing of the first few chapters was off. I least liked the last book, ‘Mockingjay’, because of how Katniss’ character evolved from strong and rational to petty and stupid.

I also did not like the idea that Katniss  was just settling for Peeta because she hated Gale.

Favorite Character: Finnick O’dair

Favorite Scene: Katniss shooting President Coin. (oops, spoilers!)

Book or Film: The movie was good but it did not live up to how good the books were.


By the way, I found this website of someone’s blog that featured the ‘Mockingjay’. The writer talks about each chapter of the book as well as writing down his reaction on them. It’s kind of funny so go check it out.


That’s all for now. Until the next post!

Have a nice day! ^____^

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


Alright, as promised I’m making a movie review on the latest movie that I’ve seen. But first; ‘rules’…

1. This is purely my opinion.    

2. This movie review blog may contain spoilers.


So now that that’s out of the way; lets move on to the review.


As an overall impression of the movie’s storyline, I would have to say that the movie was so superficial. I mean, the story was so vague that it somewhat came off as confusing. There were so many loopholes in the story; so many unnecessary scenes, unanswered questions, and lame justification of actions. It didn’t have one consistent message and scenes were so random and incoherent which lead to a poor and uninteresting story. For instance, Snow White prays the “Our Father” (is she Catholic?) then hails a buck? (Taoist?) WTF!? Then there’s irony that she is a princess locked in a tower for years and yet she happens to be wearing “jeggings” (jean-leggings). And what was with Snow White giving the huntsman a ‘sex-stare’ at the end of the movie?

I did however like the rustic setting. The architecture of the castle and the towns. I also liked the visual effects of the ‘Dark Forest’ scene. I particularly was amused by the dwarves. So little yet so brave. ^_^

I give my applause to Charlize Theron who did a fantastic job at portraying a psychotic, power hungry, evil queen. Chris Hemsworth did a pretty good job himself. He tried his best to deviate from his ‘Thor’ character by picking up an ‘Irish’ (I think) accent and portraying a more human-like sensitive character. However, the directors thought otherwise when they gave him an ‘axe’. His best scene in the movie for me was his monologue in front of Snow White’s corps.

But alas, the star of this review is Kristen Stewart. The actress who single handedly ruined the movie. S-word, how in the hell did she ever turn into an actress? In the movie,  she either looked like she badly needed to take a dumb or is high on some sort of drug. Oh! I could still recall the horror of her speech scene where it seemed as if she just learned to talk and is blabbering non-sense which even she did not understand for herself. Please stop casting her on movies for the sake of viewers’ sanity…


So on the rate of 1 to 5; five being the highest, I give this movie

a TWO  Sad smile


Sorry folks, I don’t think it’s worth the bucks.