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Engaged: An Awkward and Funny Proposal

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I come bearing news; good news! I'm engaged. ^____^ (wow! it feels weird even just writing it) I guess you might have already known this since my future sister-in-law (ehem! ^_^) beat me at blogging about it a couple of weeks back.

To be honest, I kept the news to myself for a while. I didn't know who to tell first or how to tell my parents. It's mind-blowing to utter the words "mom, I'm getting married". I find it ridiculously funny that I'm shy about it or having a hard time telling my parents. After all, I'm at the right age, my boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years and we both earn a living.

And, just to clear the air, NO I'm not pregnant! W.T.H!

Anyway, just like Mai blogged, he proposed in a chic café, at 6pm. (just about the same time when seven years back he asked me to be his girlfriend)

But unlike Mai's impression, I didn't know her brother was going to propose that day. Well, we've already tal…