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His 30th Year

Hello Gorgeous Reader!Here I go popping up in the blog-o-sphere again! LOL~ I honestly tried to blog so many times. I wanted to pick up where I left off but trying to remember past events while currently being in a totally different situation and preparing for upcoming big moments just disorients me so much that I end up failing to blog altogether.Anyway, I’ll slowly work my way back into blogging. This time with more current blogs. But don’t worry I’ll eventually write about all the stuff I’ve missed out. My husband just turned 30. I wanted it to be special; after all, it’s not always that you start another decade of your life. I’ve been asking him about his plans and he hadn’t decided yet. A few days before his birthday we found out that his parents weren’t coming to visit. One of his sisters will be out of town too. I figured his other sisters would be busy because his birthday falls on a school day. I guessed he was pretty sad.I spared some cash for his birthday but all I really w…

Starting Over

Hello Gorgeous Reader!Have you ever felt “information overload” before? Well I’m pretty much experiencing “life overload”. That’s when life unfolds too fast and all you can do is watch.I feel like my life has spun 360 in the past year. Home is not what it used to be. My family is bigger that it was. My job is less challenging than what I used to do. Priorities change. And I have changed a lot.(I got a new haircut ^_^)I never imagined I’d be who I am now. A “desperate housewife” (LOL) living in a quite (too quiet) suburban neighborhood, doing chores, cooking (seriously?!) and counting the days ‘till I deliver this baby (yup, I’m pregnant) and finally get to have some company in this miniature of a house.It’s totally different from being surrounded by people all the time at work, reaching quotas, and passing quality audits. Crashing into my bed after work and not having to think about what too cook for breakfast the next day because my mom will have breakfast served by the time I rush b…

Movie Themed Pre-Nuptial Photos: A ‘happy’ take on our favorite movies.

Hello Gorgeous Reader!As you know, I have just tied the knot. And like many other couples, my husband and I have taken part of the new fad in nuptial culture called the “Pre-Nup Photos”.If you Google searched that phrase, you’ll probably be splashed with hundreds of photos with a variety of theme, fashion and artistic ideas.We’ve agreed  in prior to have “movies” as our wedding theme. After all, watching movies is one of our best bonding moments. ^_^The first challenge was finding the right photographer. My husband has been a huge fan of One Happy Story Photography. Their photos are simple but had a certain happy light to it. We also decided to have the pictorial at our then under construction house. I figured it had just the view needed for the shoot, it won’t cost us much and it would make the photos more personal for us.He was super excited to meet their lead photographer Bon Aserios. I was nervous about our “movie themed” idea since the  group already has a distinct “casual themed…

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Hello Gorgeous Reader!I hope your holidays was a blast. Mine was great ^_^ Well it was kind of awkward being that it’s the first holiday season I spent as a wife. I miss home, my family, the scruffy corner where I used to sleep. I’ve never been away before being married. In fact, I cried myself to sleep when I was the only one left home when my siblings went off to work elsewhere. But that’s embarrassing and I don’t know why I just told you that. But it’s not all that bad. I got to be in two family parties! TWO! Yeah, and my husband and I got to have our own little family celebration as well.How was your holiday season?I’m too lousy to write about all the details, so I’ll just leave you with our Christmas and New Year photos. (They’re quite cheesy. LOL)So for the hundredth time…. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All! ^_^