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Christmas Greeting

Hello Gorgeous Reader!Hmm… How should I put this?… “Merry” Christmas?On my way home I watched people in tents made of blankets on the muddy ground;beyond was a wreckage they once called home.It’s sad… and it’s real. So to me, saying “Merry” Christmas just sounds awkward.I mean no disrespect to the people who are suffering, but I am honestly happy right now.Happy that my family and the people I care for are safe. Happy that I got to spend dinner with my boyfriend’s family and that they are getting settled in a new home. Happy to spend yet another dinner with my family and relatives.Come to think of it, I am happy for a few other things as well…Happy that I have found new friends at work. Happy for the blessings (no matter how small) that I received this year.And of course, happy to learn blogging and meet all you nice people.It’s not really a feeling of merriment but more of a feeling of thankfulness. So, Thankful Christmas everyone!P.S.Thanks and have a happy Christmas to the followin…

Tragedy, Love, Drama

Hello Gorgeous Reader!I don’t know if this news reached your side of the globe but the city where I come from experienced one of it’s most tragic floods.Midnight, while people comfortably slept on their beds as the rain poured and the winds blew, the CDO River began to rise. It all happened so fast that in a matter of 10 minutes, the water inside riverside-homes rose from knee high to chest deep.Well, I didn’t have any share of experience with the flooding because I live uptown. Instead, the rain that dripped from our ceiling and strong winds kept me up all night.Honestly, the thought of family members and loved ones who lived in flood prone areas didn’t bother me so much then. I thought the rain would just go away and it wouldn’t do much damage. I was wrong.Almost a hundred have been found dead with twice as many missing. Thousands have been affected, losing homes and possessions.It felt like the end of the world when my boyfriend called me around 2:00am. The rain and wind was still …

Catch Up Blog

Hello Gorgeous Reader!Whoa! It has been like what? a week? since I last posted a blog. I’m very sorry for all the missed posts, late comments, and well… missed out conversations with you…So what have I been up to?Sunday: Watched Breaking Dawn Part 1And you thought I’d let that pass? Of course not! It would be like passing up on the cake at a birthday party. Okay, to be fair, I have seen all of the film franchise. But it wasn’t because I had genuine interest on seeing the film. It was more of; I don’t want to be out of place when people start talking about the movie.This installment was no different. I sat on the theater to see what was expectedly a boring movie. Indeed it was boring. The previous installments had the occasional screams whenever Taylor Lautner would take off his shirt. This time there were none. Maybe it’s because that time it was considered child abuse (he was under 18 then) and thus this time it’s no longer cool.Kristen Stewart’s managed to maintain a distinct charac…

Eloping for a Day

Hello Gorgeous Reader!As I promised last blog, I’ll be telling you about my somewhat “Breaking Dawn” trip. I kind of hesitated about this since I’ll be posting pictures and I’m shy. But what the heck! Blogging is freedom anyway so here goes.I went to Camiguin Island; my boyfriend’s  hometown. It was my very first across-the-sea trip in a long time (my last trip was when I was 5 ~_~) . I was nervous. Nervous over the sea vessel ride and nervous that we’d have to spend 3 days with his parents. (I’m such a girl, I know) Of course his parents were very nice and gracious.On our second day there, we spent the entire day together. We circumnavigated the entire island; just he and I on a motorbike. Somewhat like eloping (^_^).I loved the way we talked as we passed by the beautiful island’s scenery. The quiet road, the clear blue sky, the wind on my face and his sturdy back to lean on… It felt like a scene from a movie ^_^ We then hopped onto a boat to get to “White Island”. Where we just enjo…

Back from a Break

Hello Gorgeous Reader!It’s good to be back! ^_^ How have you all been? Oh my… I probably missed a whole lot of blog posts. Sorry, I won’t be able to check all of them out. I did skim a bit and realized that a lot of your posts recently were about the movie “Breaking Dawn Part 1”… Whoosh~ I missed the premier too?!!If you don’t know, I am a big movie junkie. My boyfriend and I are. In fact we have a photo album for movie tickets. We love watching the movie and discussing the plot after. He likes to read the book versions too (if the movie is an adaptation) I like tracing the writing style and intricacy of the story. After all, I do hope to be able to write my very own book someday. Well, I don’t have much to say because my mission for  the kittens was a fiasco. So instead, I decided to have a “Breaking Dawn” adventure of my own. (Minus the love triangle of course!)I’ll tell you all about the trip on my next post. ^_^ Here’s a sneak preview.Those are my feet. ^_^Beautiful Scenery~ My ow…

Out on a Mission

Hello Gorgeous Reader!Due to some circumstances, the photo challenge (supposedly daily) will have to be placed on hold for a couple of days.Three kittens have appeared to me this morning and have asked for 3 highly confidential wishes; which I am supposed to grant them.With this I have allotted a day for each kitten to deliver the wish he/she/it asked for. Thus, I will be out on a mission for 3 days and no blogging is allowed for better concentration.I will leave you with the thought of me; mounting a dragon that flies across the seas, riding a unicorn through a stretch of shimmering white sand; jumping off a waterfall within a lush green forest…If I fail, those poor kittens will be placed in a sack hung on a tree, smoked with a bonfire beneath it, and  beaten with a stick.  ~_~If I succeed, these kittens will be freed from slavery!Adios! See you in three days~=^.^=      =^o^=     =^O^=

Girls: The Myth

Hello Gorgeous Reader!I’ve been posting blogs for a blog challenge called ‘ABC Blog Challenge’ which I came up with after realizing that I’m quickly running out of topics to write about. As I posted the list of random words with the fist letters starting from A to Z, My2Pesos pointed out that I won’t be writing about ‘Girls’. One of the post the I made for the challenge is entitled ‘Boys: the Myth’. So this will be the girl version as especially requested. (you may post a blog request or challenge on this page Blog Challenges )Girls, or the female species were once free and majestic creatures of the earth. That is, before the alien race invaded…They come from a pearl-like egg, found inside a shell much like a seashell. The only difference is that these are remains of their predecessors. How long it takes before these pearl-like eggs hatch? A year… ten years… a hundred… no one really knew.They are amphibians. The longest part of their lives are spent in the ocean. Half of their body is…

Sleep Attack!

Hello Gorgeous Reader!Yes, it is 1am… and no, I did not forget about the blog. I’ve already finished writing it yesterday actually (though technically, today is tomorrow because it is already 1am) but I won’t be posting it today for something of far greater importance.I’m quitting blogging.Gotcha! LOL~ Just kidding… ^_^No, seriously, the reason why I’m blogging right now is because I want to get my eyes back to “sleepy mode”. I’ve been having these ‘sleep attacks’ lately. Like for example today: 6pm I was going on and on to my mom about how good dinner would be and that I can’t wait to get home and eat.7pm we got home. I soaked my laundry to wash later and turned on my computer to buff my daily fill of vlogs.7:15pm I picked up some things on my bed‘SLEEP ATTACK’ = blackout12:30pm I woke up on my bed. I haven’t washed up and heck! I missed dinner completely!1am I finished washing up and doing the soaked laundry like a zombie.1:30am Snap! I’m awake like it’s the middle of the afternoon.…

My Apologies…

Hello Gorgeous Reader!This isn’t the blog for today but I just would like to take some time to apologize for not being able to post daily or every other day which is my ideal frequency of posting blogs… ~_~ I really do want to post as often as I could, but lately I get home and just crash on to my bed.The times I’ve attempted to write a blog; I woke up the next day to find my laptop beside me and all I’ve written was “Hello Gorgeous Reader!”…I suppose this is yet another roadblock for bloggers… (the first is not having topics to write about) And this; not having the time to post blogs promptly.I don’t know how I’m ever going to solve this since my work schedule have just been all over the place… But of course I’ll never know until I try right?And on top of that I also changed my URL from ( to ( which turned out to be such a huge mess! ~_~I do hope you (gorgeous reader) and especially my freakin’ gorgeous followers wou…

Thoughts to Ponder On

Hello Gorgeous Reader!I was about to write the next item on my blog challenge… But what the heck, I’m too tired to even keep my eyes open for three minutes! ~_~So I’ll just leave you with a thought to ponder on for today….“If your happiness makes another person miserable, can you be truly happy?”P.S.You are not mistaken. This is indistinctive writer’s  blog not my day in a sentence’s. The next post for the blog challenge will hopefully be up soon. ~_~

When All Else Fail; Just Cry

Hello Gorgeous Reader!
Today is not one of my best days. So I’m just going to make this blog simple.It’s the first day of my production hands-on training. I tried to start the day right by waking up early. But I still made my mom miss her bus ride.I got to the production area early. Too early in fact that I waited for an hour before all the other trainees got there. ~_~I had a mess of a training there from kneading the dough, to cutting, and even frying (which I am terrified of). It felt like a hundred degrees inside the work area. I was tired, hungry, nervous, and soooo exhausted. @_@After half a day of hands-on training, we had an exam where I FAILED BIG TIME. I wanted to talk to someone but when I asked my boyfriend where he was, he said he was at the tennis court and that I should take care on my way home. So I went home.I got home to find no one there and the house was locked and I had no keys. All I wanted to do was to crash onto the nearest bed and I couldn’t even take a seat! I…

No blog today Excuse…

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I’m sorry but I’m too disoriented to write a blog today….

I’m currently undergoing training for my day job as a Training Associate (I train service crews). It’s a production training and it is both physically and intellectually demanding. (And I’m not an intellectual person to begin with.. [I’m doomed! O_o] )

I need to memorize all these standard proportions, temperature, timing, terminologies, so on and so forth…

So the blog challenge will just have to wait.

I’ll just leave you with a video clip that I recorded when I got home today. (I had dinner at Mai’s btw… ^_^)

(This is just me trying to deflect my anxiety over the training thing…)

I neither know the lyrics nor the chords to this song. But this is the best I can give you today.

I’ll just read blog roll updates later… Good night/evening/afternoon/morning (wherever you are)

How about you reader; what do you do when you’re anxious about something?

The Dating Challenge

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I just wanted to take a little break from the blog challenge and share some personal experience with you.

If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know that I’m in a relationship. We’ve been together for 6 years and running 7 this year.

For those of you who have been or are currently in a relationship, I think we could all agree that monotony is one of the factors that rips relationships apart.

If you do the same routine, talk about the same things, eat at the same place over and over again… dates just seem less special even when you’re with that special person.

Eventually, because lovers are bored with their monotonous routine, they’d end up finding other activities of their own. Although this is good to some extent, there is a great tendency that this would lead to conflicts.

Case in Point:
“You don’t have time for me”
“You’d rather spend time on other things”
“I’m not as important to you anymore”
“You don’t love me anymore”

Going back the challenge , I asked my bo…

Sunshine Award! *_*

Hello Gorgeous Reader! Just about a month ago,  I ‘remembered’ I had a blogger account and started publishing a few blogs. I never thought about people reading my blogs at first; let alone receiving awards! I didn’t know it would be so much fun! I got to share my ideas with other bloggers and got to make friends with people from across the world (probably even from Mars? lol) And I have one person to thank all of this (blogging and the Sunshine Award) for… Mai Yang of  The Most Awesome Blog Title EverThank so much the encouragement and for all the blogging tips and advice!                ^______________^Stay AWESOME!The rules for this award:1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it. 2. Answer the following questions.Favourite Colour: Pink, Black Favourite Animal: Rocks (except for our dog of course) Favourite Number: 3, 9, 18 Favourite Drink: Instant Coffee Facebook or Twitter: Facebook Your passion: writing ^_* Giving or getting presents: getting! (and of…

Blog Topics?

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

It’s almost 11 o’clock and I still haven’t posted a blog up…. You see, I had a whole day of asking questions that I’ve already asked about a hundred people before and it kind of just sucked all my creative energy…

The thing is… I’m having a writer’s block right now. So aside from telling more flimsy excuses about why I couldn’t decide on what topic to write, I’m going to write about how I’m going to over come this writer’s block thing.

Hmm… experience is the best bank to draw ideas from, but sorting out those experiences would be such a chore for me. Since I’m already too sleepy and tired to think of something interesting to  write about, I’m just going to have to go back to the basics; my ABCs

The following will be the topics that will hopefully get me through the next 26 days of blogging.

A- animals
B- boys
C- cars
D- drinking
E- endings
F- friends
G- ghosts
H- hobbies
I- internet
J- justice
K- kiss
L- life
M- music
N- necessities
O- opposites
P- people
Q- q…

Stereotyped: The times I wanted to be a…

Hello Gorgeous Reader!Today I’ll be tackling one of the most cliché topics in modern society, which is stereotypes. I guess everyone in my generation have seen those flicks and ads and TV series where there’s a jock, a nerdy guy, a cheerleader, a shy girl, a hopeless romantic dude and so on and so forth… Yes, I mean the Glee, Gossip Girl, Not Another Teen Movie, 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, and the ever epic Dawson’s Creek! In fact, even my favorite animé series are filled with stereotypes! (I love you Kaede Rukawa! LOL)This has played such a huge role in my life that I would confess… I woke up one day believing I was Baby Spice (LOL)Seriously though, I really did go through times when I wanted to be like these stereotypes. Here are a few of the stereotypes I wanted to be…. ^_^“THE PRINCESS”“Every girl wants to be a princess” (even some boys do~ lol) I’ve gone through a phase in my life where I joined every single pageant and events that start with the word “Miss”. I guess ev…

Why I Hate his Ex Girlfriend

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I’d like to share something that I’ve been keeping off my chest for a while now. You see, I strive to be a nice person. I know that’s so overrated but still I want to be nice.

However, one of the biggest roadblock to that is the fact that I hate my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

We were just a few months together when I talked to him about going abroad to “find greener pastures” as others would put it. We were sitting in a jeepney on to way to my place when I opened up that topic. He didn’t look at me when he answered. He reasoned that couldn’t we have a good life in our own country?. I went on talking about better opportunities and blah blah blah… Finally he said in soft voice… “are you leaving me like my ex-girlfriends?” I fell quiet because of what he said. I placed my head on his shoulder and said… “Okay… (I looked at him and smiled) I’ll never leave you. I promise. We’ll grow old together, and go fishing in your hometown.” I knew how much he’d been hurt. From t…

“Don’t Talk to Strangers”

Dear Gorgeous Reader!I was at the mall this weekend (working ~_~). As I watched the shoppers flooding the hallways with bags and kids in tow; I heard one shopper telling her child a very familiar phrase… “Don’t talk to strangers.”I’ve heard my parents tell me this many times when I was a child. In fact, I recall being lost in ‘Ororama Mega Center’ (a local shopping mall). I was about 4 or 5 years-old  then. I was standing near the entrance door, when a sales lady and a security guard approached me. They asked me questions like; “What’s your name?”, “Who are you with?”, and “Where do you live?”… I recall telling the both of them “I don’t talk to strangers.” (LOL!)I closely looked at the lady talking to her son in crude English accent. She was slender, with brown skin and straight long black hair (qualities of an average Filipina woman). I panned my sight down to her son. A cute little boy, with very pale skin, blond hair, and sparkling blue eyes…

Meeting His ‘Wicked’ Sister

Hello Gorgeous Reader!I guess most or all of my followers are followers of “The Most Awesome Blog Title Ever” whose writer is my boyfriend’s sister.She recently wrote a blog to promote my blog-site"Wicked Sister Meet's Brother's Girlfriend"I guess I could recall a lot of awkward moments when I’m around my boyfriend’s family. Specially that we met as total strangers with only one common friend.The day I met his sister:I had been asking him about his family since he had already met mine for couple of times. One day, I received a text message from him saying that he wants me to have lunch at his place with his sisters. The first thought  I had was ‘OMG!’. I probably checked myself at every mirror on the way to his place [yes, including the parked car’s windows]. Probably lost 30 strands of hair from fixing it over and over. Bruised my lip from biting it out of nervousness. When I finally saw his sister, I secretly collapsed in my head…. While we ate, I tried my very bes…

Life’s Little Ironies: Ice Cream

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I’d like to share this photo with you…

I was out at a photo copying shop busily filling out a hand-full of papers. It was 10am and I haven’t had any food yet. However, I was more concerned about my job than my stomach being empty.

I tried to keep my balance with all the things I was carrying to wipe the sweat on my face as the shop’s air-conditioner was broken.

As I anxiously waited for the papers being copied, I looked through the glass door to see this….

It Starts Now!

Hello Gorgeous Reader!
If you have read my past blogs, you’d probably be getting an impression that I’m a bit pessimistic… Well, I guess there could be some sense to that.
You see, most of the time I tend to over think before deciding on something (especially when cash is involved   O_o ).
Usually I’d tell myself “well, you have this amount to buy this particular thing you want… but what if you save more so that you can buy something better?”
In many aspects of my life, I’ve put-off a lot of things that I’ve been wanting to do. Things like studying post grad, traveling , hobbies, or even meeting friends.
Lately I’ve come to realize that things aren’t going to get any cheaper. Everything will eventually just get pricier. The only thing that’s wasted istime.
So I’ve decided to stop planning and start doing. It starts NOW. Not tomorrow, not later, and not soon but NOW.
Last weekend, I started one of the many hobbies that I wanted to do; Painting. With encouragement from my inspiration, I…

Ooops I lied!

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I just would like to share with you a very peculiar and awkward incident that I experienced almost a week ago...

I happened to be on an outside office business for my job. As I was on my way to another location, I bumped into a familiar face from my college years. I knew this person because he was the baggage guy from school. (You have to deposit your things before you enter the library).

Well I tried to be polite and respond with a greeting when he greeted me on the street. He asked me what company do I work for (because I was wearing uniform). I answered and asked back 'well how about you?' (trying to be polite again). He was like "oh just this hotel" trying to sound disinterested. "Wow, that's great" ['thinking to myself': for a baggage guy'].

Then starts the awkwardness....

He asked what provider do I use on my cellphone. I was like "oh this other line" (hoping to discourage him from asking my number) The…

Are You Satisfied?

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

Here I am again sitting in a dim lit room and trying to contemplate on my life. Well, this thought all started with a question I raised in a seminar facilitated by a colleague at work. A striking statement from the seminar went this way - "When you are able to do all that you've planned for the day; you will be satisfied"

I plan my day like this:
Get home and do a little chore
Surf the net

I asked the facilitator "Why is it that I've done all that I planned to do yet I'm still unsatisfied with my day?"

I really meant to say, "I'm still unsatisfied with my life..."
This feeling has been growing on me the past few days, no... the past few weeks, no... the past few months or years rather.

I really strive not to be the pessimistic type of person, but I do feel lost at times. I could say that I've lived by the rules. By rules subliminally mandated to me by other people and some which I had to live by…

A WANDerful Story

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

Exactly a week ago, I watched the last installment of a movie series that I started watching exactly a decade ago.

I recall my brother; a budding freshman, telling me about a book he borrowed from one of  his classmates. It had shades of purple and had a cute drawing of a boy who seemed to be riding a broom. I never had interest in books; I still don't. But this book was one of the very few books that I have read and actually finished reading. You see, it was the movie that drove me to read it. I watched it with my entire family then. I don't know if it was the adventure story or the out-of-this-world language (wingardium leviosa!) or the cute characters with an even cuter English accent; there was one word to describe it MAGICAL...

Throughout my teenage years it was the movie that we watched out for every year; much like a cult actually. But alas, the story that started with an ordinary tale ends with an epic battle between good and evil. I must say tha…

The Girl Behind the Fences

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

It's been a while since I last posted a blog. The have been many changes in my life since... I guess, the biggest change in my life was that half of the people that I lived with at home left.

I've never been good at showing emotions. I find it hard to make new close friends or be part of a new clique. You see, my childhood is not one that most kids from my neighborhood would recall.

I was the girl behind the fences...

I was a sickly child. I had asthma, allergies and a poor immune system damaged by prolonged medications. I used watch my siblings run in the dirt, laugh and sweat from child's play. I smiled every time they waved at me from afar. I didn't want to be pitied... after all, who would want that?

I was content with watching them play from behind the fences. But now, everything has changed...
I could no longer watch them from afar. Both my brothers have left to work away. One in Manila, the other in Pampanga. And on top of that, our nanny …

Love is Accepting Change

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

It is the end of the month of love and it has me contemplating on what love really is...

They say that 'love' is the only ambiguous word in the Philippine constitution. That is, because it is a word, which until today, does not have one universally accepted definition. This would be because everyone has their own definition of the word 'love'.

Here is how I define 'love'.... Love is acceptance amid change.

There have been so many great love stories scribbled throughout time; Each unique from the other. Yet there is only one measure for a successful love... and that is how long love lasts.

These days everything comes and goes so fast. It seems that nothing lasts. The fad, the weather, information and almost everything in our contemporary lives constantly change in a blink of an eye. It is only certain that, well... for most contemporary people, aiming for lasting love is like rowing against the currents.

Looking back at the years I had wit…

Starting the year with a Blog!


Hello gorgeous reader!

I hope you're having a blast today. After all, it's the first day of the year! Me? I woke up at 9am! I'm having coffee and cupcakes while writing this blog ^_^ (nice morning right?)

Looking back at the past year, it has been roller coaster ride. I left my first job; I went through a though training with my new job; I traveled (finally!); I danced waka-waka (omg! LOL); I loved youtube! (I hope to be a real vlogger someday); and most importantly I found tons of new friends!

I could say that the past year has been a lucky one and I am very grateful for all of the blessings I received. There had been a fair share of obstacles along the year as well. To mention a few; my mom's health, financial needs, frustrations, insincere people, are some of these obstacles. But somehow, I've managed to pull-through.

I guess these challenges were meant to equip me for the year to come; to better appreciate the things I have; to be wise at choosing friend…