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Pamamanhikan: A Filipino Tradition

Hello Gorgeous Reader!This is actually an over due blog post. I’ve written a previous draft on this weeks ago but for some reason my computer decided to delete all my drafts. Now I’m forced to rewrite this blog or technically write a new one.Last April first my fiancé went to my residence to formally ask for my hand in marriage from my parents. This is a tradition among Filipinos called “Pamamanhikan”.We’ve been talking about having each other’s parents meet after the engagement. Our first option was to take them out for dinner. But we kind of hesitated over the idea because it would be super awkward to talk about our marriage plans with other people eavesdropping on us at a restaurant. Alas, it was my fiancé’s trusted league of merry-men (a.k.a his workmates) who convinced him to do it the traditional way. That is, to go to my house with his parents and family members bringing food. It was a great idea since it would be the best venue for our families to meet so that the wedding itse…

Everybody Needs Some R&R…

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

Happy Easter to all those who believe in Easter. And well, Happy day to those who don’t.
You might be wondering what I’ve been up to for the past… OMG! It’s been a month!

Anyway back to the blog.  ^_^

The past month has been crazy! Literally! To sum it up, work has been madness, I quit my job, I left good friends in the process, I’m working on my new means of earning a living, we started wedding planning and I pretty much burned myself out.

Which is why I spent the last couple of days just sleeping the whole day. I know, it sounds lazy but everybody needs some R and R.

Anyway, I have a couple of blogs to post which I will ( ^_* ) post soon.

Today, my family and I went to the Municipality of Talisayan; my father’s home town. We didn’t stay long but the drive going there was like 4 hours. I’ll just leave you with some photos from the trip.

Have a nice day! Blog you back soon~ ^_^

Ancient trees of a simple town.

Here lies Don Miguel Pelaez my grandmother’s great gr…