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Movie Review: Ice Age 4 Continental Drift

Hello Gorgeous Reader!Yes, another movie review… Which means that I watch movies A LOT. Seriously though July and November are the highlights of movie junkies. It is in these months that the best movies are released. I don’t really watch movies with poor review but being a franchise film or series sequel/prequel, can make a huge difference in terms of movie “must-sees”.This movie in particular is one of those. It has performed poorly at movie review websites such as Rotten Tomato. But being a sequel to the famous Ice Age series, I had to see it.Plot DescriptionThe movie is another of the trio’s (Manny, Diego and Sid) unexpected adventures. This one in particular focused more on Manny the mammoth’s story. The storyline itself is superficial and predictable. But surprisingly it is still quite funny.SimilaritiesThe movie kind of reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean. In fact, the villain is kind of fashioned to a Pirates of the Caribbean character or something.My favorite character in …

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Hello Gorgeous Reader!One of the major movies to hit the theater this 2012, “The Dark Knight Rises”, remained true to its dark version genre. Ironically, both on screen and off.It appears that death has befallen the film once more as a madman open fired at the movie goers on the premier of the film in Denver Colorado. This was but the second death off screen. The last franchise installment was also known to be the last film of actor Heath Ledger who played “The Joker” in the said movie.It was a sad day for the movie going community when the news broke and echoed throughout the web.I honestly had second thoughts on watching the film. But since this is one of the must-see movies of the year, I had to brave through it.Despite the fact that my heart was racing during the shootout scenes (paranoia strikes), I felt like the movie did not quite meet my high expectations.FLAWSThere were scenes that were plainly boring. I’m referring to some dialogs and fight scenes that lacked impact because …

Marriage Explained: Prenuptial Church Interview

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

Part of the requirements of a church wedding is an interview with a priest. We certainly did not know what to expect in that interview. Luckily, the priest who interviewed us was very nice. He wasn’t intimidating at all. He asked practical questions and even made us laugh. We both got teary-eyed when he asked how we fell in-love. I never thought it would be so emotional to share our relationship’s story to another person.

He also explained what marriage is and this is how I understood it.

Marriage is Not a Proof of Love

Love for one person is not proved by a single occasion; it is something that a couple proves with daily effort. We love our parents, our friends but it doesn’t mean we have to marry them to prove it. Marriage has a specific function other than binding two people for the rest of their lives. Because all it takes to love someone forever is commitment and not necessarily a marriage.

Marriage needs Blessing and Guidance

When two people get married, it …

Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Hello Gorgeous Reader!Weird… to me that title is synonymous to “Santa Clause Lost Son of Adolf Hitler” or something… This concept seems like one of those that people get when they’re getting high with their friends.  (No Offense)But seriously though, the concept is just a bad mash to me. For one thing, I’m not from America and I care less about whatever factual detail they’ve chosen to add vampirism into. Secondly, I’m still confused between the identities of Abraham Lincoln and Uncle Sam. So, for a non-American who just wants to see a good movie, I felt unsatisfied because it messed with my brain.IronicallyThe movie depicts “Abe Lincs” stand on racial discrimination ( between Caucasians and African-Americans). Yet it seemed to disregard the subliminal depiction of gender discrimination. You see, in the movie, if you were bitten by a vampire; you die of you’re “pure of heart” but you turn into a vampire if you’re not. Since there was only one lady vampire in the movie and most of thos…

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Hello Gorgeous Reader!It’s time for another movie review! This time it’s “The Amazing Spider-Man”. I don’t know where they got the title but it actually tells a lot about the movie. It’s just like “Spider-Man” only… amazing?! LOL ^_^Well, as a frequent movie-goer, I’m not the kind who can easily get ’amazed’. Which is why I couldn’t really say that I was ‘amazed’ by the movie. I would say however, that with a point of comparison (which is the 2002 version) this film is surely better.Now  I’m not going to go to so much details on this because I wouldn’t want to spoil too much and make your eyes bleed reading (LOL). I’ll just go to a few points.1. Spider Man ActorsAlthough, Tobey Maguire is what I would say handsome or beautiful man; Andrew Garfield had better acting than Tobey. This makes a big difference watching a movie. Maguire’s acting is like “I’m a beautiful man and beautiful droplets of tears will roll from my beautiful eyes”. Whereas Garfield’s acting says “I’m just a guy and m…