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Re:Tag “Get To Know Me”

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

So I had this long fiasco with my old computer. The screen resolution is weird. I couldn’t access my built-in camera. The dual touch pad isn’t working… and etc… One programmer said it had a problem with it’s video card and that it can’t be fixed. Another said it just had missing drivers. (sigh~) I can still use it though, so I’m keeping it.

That made me so sad. That computer was the first property I ever bought with my own salary and now it’s a mess

Anyway, I bought a new one instead (*x*) yikes! Basically this is the first time I’ll ever blog using this new netbook. And that’s because I’ve been under heaps of stressful work of late. ~_~
Weeks ago Mai (flora the most awesome goddess) tagged me in this "Get To Know Me" blog.

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