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5 Tips on Getting Rid of Pimples / Acne

Hello Gorgeous Reader!About five years ago, I have been diagnosed with PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Among the many ‘amazing’ symptoms of this condition are severe dysmenorrhea, facial hair (omg!)  and of course the wonderful giant acne on the face and even back area!(SIGH~) Although, I have been experiencing these symptoms since my teenage years. It was only then that I finally found the explanation for all my horrible memories.Having giant, painful and super embarrassing pimples on my face has been my total nightmare for years. Now that I am 30 and with two daughters I still have acne breakouts. I suppose I will have to live with it forever. Even though getting rid of all my acne is quite impossible; I’ve managed to lessen my acne breakout by doing the following tips:1. Cut Your Nails –  Say goodbye to your long nails. The dirt under your nail is the number 1 culprit. I noticed that every time my nails grew longer I would always have a pimple on my face. I always cut my nails…