Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thoughts to Ponder On


Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I was about to write the next item on my blog challenge… But what the heck, I’m too tired to even keep my eyes open for three minutes! ~_~

So I’ll just leave you with a thought to ponder on for today….

“If your happiness makes another person miserable, can you be truly happy?”



You are not mistaken. This is indistinctive writer’s  blog not my day in a sentence’s. The next post for the blog challenge will hopefully be up soon. ~_~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When All Else Fail; Just Cry


Hello Gorgeous Reader!

Today is not one of my best days. So I’m just going to make this blog simple.

It’s the first day of my production hands-on training. I tried to start the day right by waking up early. But I still made my mom miss her bus ride.

I got to the production area early. Too early in fact that I waited for an hour before all the other trainees got there. ~_~

I had a mess of a training there from kneading the dough, to cutting, and even frying (which I am terrified of). It felt like a hundred degrees inside the work area. I was tired, hungry, nervous, and soooo exhausted. @_@

After half a day of hands-on training, we had an exam where I FAILED BIG TIME. I wanted to talk to someone but when I asked my boyfriend where he was, he said he was at the tennis court and that I should take care on my way home. So I went home.


I got home to find no one there and the house was locked and I had no keys. All I wanted to do was to crash onto the nearest bed and I couldn’t even take a seat! I was stranded outside the house for about an hour.

I just felt so tired from  the hands on training and so frustrated from the exam. And on top of that, there I was stranded outside…

I was so overwhelmed of how bad my day was that I just started crying (yes, literally crying like fool). So I just cried and cried until I realized how stupid I looked because our dog looked at me like that’s exactly what she was thinking…


What do you do when you’ve had the worst day reader? Do you cry like I do?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No blog today Excuse…

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I’m sorry but I’m too disoriented to write a blog today….

I’m currently undergoing training for my day job as a Training Associate (I train service crews). It’s a production training and it is both physically and intellectually demanding. (And I’m not an intellectual person to begin with.. [I’m doomed! O_o] )

I need to memorize all these standard proportions, temperature, timing, terminologies, so on and so forth…

So the blog challenge will just have to wait.

I’ll just leave you with a video clip that I recorded when I got home today. (I had dinner at Mai’s btw… ^_^)

(This is just me trying to deflect my anxiety over the training thing…)

I neither know the lyrics nor the chords to this song. But this is the best I can give you today.

I’ll just read blog roll updates later… Good night/evening/afternoon/morning (wherever you are)

How about you reader; what do you do when you’re anxious about something?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Dating Challenge

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I just wanted to take a little break from the blog challenge and share some personal experience with you.

If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know that I’m in a relationship. We’ve been together for 6 years and running 7 this year.

For those of you who have been or are currently in a relationship, I think we could all agree that monotony is one of the factors that rips relationships apart.

If you do the same routine, talk about the same things, eat at the same place over and over again… dates just seem less special even when you’re with that special person.

Eventually, because lovers are bored with their monotonous routine, they’d end up finding other activities of their own. Although this is good to some extent, there is a great tendency that this would lead to conflicts.

Case in Point:
“You don’t have time for me”
“You’d rather spend time on other things”
“I’m not as important to you anymore”
“You don’t love me anymore”

Going back the challenge , I asked my boyfriend to come up with interesting ways to date (I'll also be coming up with ideas too) which we could share with you readers hoping that it would give you some ideas to make your relationship ever blooming. ^_^


He brought me to a restaurant where you dine on top of a street (literally!) I mean you could literally see the cars driving by underneath you!

It was nice though… It was drizzling at the time. I don’t know with you but I find watching traffic relaxing…

Ambiance: 4* It’s a unique place to dine. The tables on the terrace gives enough privacy and scenery at the same time. The lighting was okay as well. I had some jitters about stepping outside onto the narrow terrace but it was surprisingly sturdy.

Food: 3* The meals were good and budget friendly. One of our food crazes are shakes but their mango shake tasted a like it had too much ice and too little flavor. We also thought that their dessert was a little too pricy for the size of its serving.

Service: 2* Their crew was attentive and serving time was okay. However their floor was dirty and we even had to remind the server to pick up the fork on the floor  ~_~

Hearts: 4* I guess although it’s not a very fancy place; the place is romantic in general. Specially that it was a dinner date and it was drizzling. ^___^

Photo1282 Photo1283 Photo1284
Photo1285Photo1286  Photo1288 Photo1289
Photo1290 Photo1291 Photo1292
Photo1293 Photo1294 Photo1295

Sunshine Award! *_*


Hello Gorgeous Reader!

Just about a month ago,  I ‘remembered’ I had a blogger account and started publishing a few blogs.

I never thought about people reading my blogs at first; let alone receiving awards!

I didn’t know it would be so much fun! I got to share my ideas with other bloggers and got to make friends with people from across the world (probably even from Mars? lol)

And I have one person to thank all of this (blogging and the Sunshine Award) for…

Mai Yang of  The Most Awesome Blog Title Ever



Thank so much the encouragement and for all the blogging tips and advice!









The rules for this award: 

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it.

2. Answer the following questions.


  • Favourite Colour: Pink, Black
  • Favourite Animal: Rocks (except for our dog of course)
  • Favourite Number: 3, 9, 18
  • Favourite Drink: Instant Coffee
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
  • Your passion: writing ^_*
  • Giving or getting presents: getting! (and of course giving when I can) 
  • Favourite pattern: polka dots
  • Favourite day: Restday!! LOL
  • Favourite flowers: those given to me by my one and only ♥ ^_^


3. Pass it on to ten fabulous bloggers and send them a message to let them know..

Here’s My List of TEN!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Blog Topics?

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

It’s almost 11 o’clock and I still haven’t posted a blog up…. You see, I had a whole day of asking questions that I’ve already asked about a hundred people before and it kind of just sucked all my creative energy…

The thing is… I’m having a writer’s block right now. So aside from telling more flimsy excuses about why I couldn’t decide on what topic to write, I’m going to write about how I’m going to over come this writer’s block thing.

Hmm… experience is the best bank to draw ideas from, but sorting out those experiences would be such a chore for me. Since I’m already too sleepy and tired to think of something interesting to  write about, I’m just going to have to go back to the basics; my ABCs

The following will be the topics that will hopefully get me through the next 26 days of blogging.

A- animals
B- boys
C- cars
D- drinking
E- endings
F- friends
G- ghosts
H- hobbies
I- internet
J- justice
K- kiss
L- life
M- music
N- necessities
O- opposites
P- people
Q- quiet
R- race
S- sadness
T- toys
U- understanding
V- vintage
W- wealth
X- X?
Y- youth
Z- Zoo

I’ll be blogging back tomorrow with at least something decent to read about alright?

How about you reader; what’s the most difficult part of writing for you?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stereotyped: The times I wanted to be a…


Hello Gorgeous Reader!

Today I’ll be tackling one of the most cliché topics in modern society, which is stereotypes.

I guess everyone in my generation have seen those flicks and ads and TV series where there’s a jock, a nerdy guy, a cheerleader, a shy girl, a hopeless romantic dude and so on and so forth… Yes, I mean the Glee, Gossip Girl, Not Another Teen Movie, 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, and the ever epic Dawson’s Creek! In fact, even my favorite animé series are filled with stereotypes! (I love you Kaede Rukawa! LOL)

This has played such a huge role in my life that I would confess… I woke up one day believing I was Baby Spice (LOL)

Seriously though, I really did go through times when I wanted to be like these stereotypes. Here are a few of the stereotypes I wanted to be…. ^_^



“Every girl wants to be a princess” (even some boys do~ lol) I’ve gone through a phase in my life where I joined every single pageant and events that start with the word “Miss”. I guess even when girls grow up, they still have the yearning for this. That’s why my mom encouraged me to join whatever the heck I wanted to join. Being a princess is like being pretty, and prim and proper, and wearing cute dresses, and entertaining people with your singing and dancing, and answering stupid questions like “Question: If you had to choose between being rich and being beautiful; what would you choose and why?” My Answer: I would choose both because I’m a freakin’ Princess and I get everything I want!” Sadly, when I grew up, I didn’t quite “reach” the expectations… (I mean LITERALLY ‘coz I’m like 4’8’’!) But it’s nice remembering those days… I guess I’ll just dump all my frustrations to the hands of my future daughter. ^_^

                                                                                                     “THE NERDY GIRL”


When I realized that I couldn’t be the damn princess no more, I figured “well, what’s the opposite of a princess?” Yes, it’s the ‘nerdy girl’. The nerdy girl is shy, and has few friends, and good in academics and doesn’t get a lot of suitors and a bit clumsy too. It was kind of easy for me to fit in this stereotype because I really am shy and clumsy. The academics part I had to work for though ^_^ (I don’t like talking about this but for this blog then I will.) I did graduate first honor of my elementary school batch. My parents were more excited about that than me. I had to give a speech and I fainted on stage because I was sick that day (low iron). I was truly embarrassed. I realized that even “nerdy girls” have to put up with high expectations from people. I still have the nerdiness in me but I don’t try as hard as I used to.


26603_100436666662453_100000883601511_10410_5033935_n I tried to battle my shyness in the company of DVDs and yet again it lead me to another stereotype; the cheerleader.

 A cheerleader is strong. A cheerleader is happy. A cheerleader stays optimistic, Yeah baby! A cheerleader is fun. A cheerleader won’t run. Because in her heart she stays number 1!!

Do I even need to explain why I wanted to be a cheerleader? I loved everything about it! The fun costumes, the dancing, the stunts, the crowd cheering while you perform. So even when my parents didn’t agree with me joining the squad (because I’m asthmatic) I insisted. It was an awesome experience. But it’s a phase that you just have to let go when you grow up…

“THE EMO CHICK”   15301_102942583078528_100000883601511_47606_3320592_n

This stereotype became my obsession when I was unemployed, broke, and had no life. It’s not about the cutting thing (my gosh!) that caught my interest. It’s the edgy fashion, the “I don’t care” attitude, and the “go with your feelings” philosophy that I liked. It’s like “I’m a total loser and I feel awesome about it”.

However, if you truly want to live, you can’t always be a loner or an outsider and not care about the world. It takes wisdom to understand that each of us have responsibilities and we can’t just pass at whatever life throws at us . Or burden other people because we just want to do what we want to do. We have to learn how to live to let other people live.

                                                                                            “THE SEX SYMBOL”


I think most girls go through a stage in their lives where they want to feel sexy. I’m not saying I want to have sex. What I mean is that I wanted to be desired. To enter a room an turn heads. To be the envy of girls and the wish of men. To be able to look in the mirror and tell myself “damn I look good!”

But you know what, when you find that person, who’ll always make feel desired and beautiful just the way you are… you won’t even have to try.

So as you can see, I’ve tried to be someone in so many different ways. And I guess I’ll still be some kind of stereotype in the future. But the thing is; I’m real. I’m not a fictional character. I may have tried to be a stereotype from time to time but still that was all me. Different, but uniquely me.


How about you reader; have you tried to be a stereotype too?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Why I Hate his Ex Girlfriend

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I’d like to share something that I’ve been keeping off my chest for a while now. You see, I strive to be a nice person. I know that’s so overrated but still I want to be nice.

However, one of the biggest roadblock to that is the fact that I hate my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

We were just a few months together when I talked to him about going abroad to “find greener pastures” as others would put it. We were sitting in a jeepney on to way to my place when I opened up that topic. He didn’t look at me when he answered. He reasoned that couldn’t we have a good life in our own country?. I went on talking about better opportunities and blah blah blah… Finally he said in soft voice… “are you leaving me like my ex-girlfriends?” I fell quiet because of what he said. I placed my head on his shoulder and said… “Okay… (I looked at him and smiled) I’ll never leave you. I promise. We’ll grow old together, and go fishing in your hometown.” I knew how much he’d been hurt. From that moment on, I started resenting this girl.

Occasionally, I’d have moments in our relationship where I’d feel like I’m subliminally compared to her. I didn’t like that at all. Of course, I’d want to be loved for me. Not because I remind him of someone else. I'd ask him to pretend that he’s my friend (his alter ego) and I would tell him how I felt. He would assure me that I’m different and that he chose me over her. His words and his voice were the only things that appeased my weary heart on those moments.

Time passed and months turned to years. I couldn’t recall how but I found out that his ex-girlfriend sent him a personal message informing him that she’s getting married. I don’t know but it really bothered me a lot. I mean, what’s her motive for doing that? (guess for yourself and tell me on the comments) She could have just posted a group announcement if she meant for him to know, right? Why put so much effort to tell him personally? After all they’ve already broken up and he’s with me. That kind of made me feel a little pissed… (okay, I meant a LOT) Did she even consider how that would make me feel? how her husband to be would feel? I don’t know if you’d agree but I thought it was indecent of her to do that.

Then there was the time when she tried to add me up on Facebook. Of course there are only two choices: Accept and Deny. If I accepted her request; I would be stuck in a very awkward pretentious friendship where she would subliminally bruise my self-esteem by pointing out how much better she is at everything! Then I guess she’d be telling me about all the things she knows more about him and blah blah blah… so on an so forth… That would definitely make me feel like crap!. So I say NO! I don’t like you! And I don’t want to be your friend! I guess that would have others thinking that I’m bitter or insecure. But I needed to be honest with myself.
The worst that she made me feel was when I opened a Facebook video. In that video, the only people who were tagged was my boyfriend and his sisters. (In short, only his immediate family). And then, low and behold… she was the only other person tagged to that video! Oh! If you only knew how much I wanted to trash the computer! (LOL) I was infuriated! What is she trying to point out here? That she is part of his family and that I’m the outsider? (You bi%c#!! I thought to myself.)
At that moment, all the niceness in me flew out the window. That’s the last straw, I totally HATE her!

Until this day, I’m still trying to weigh if how I feel about her is reasonable… I tried to put myself in other people’s perspective but I still feel the same. I’d ask myself: Can’t she just leave us alone? Can’t she just move on with her life? Can’t she just have a little sense of decency for herself? (if not for herself, but for her husband?)

Oh! I don’t know gorgeous reader… Am I over reacting? How would you feel if you were me?

I’d still hate her though! (evil grin) :P

Thursday, September 1, 2011

“Don’t Talk to Strangers”


Dear Gorgeous Reader!

I was at the mall this weekend (working ~_~). As I watched the shoppers flooding the hallways with bags and kids in tow; I heard one shopper telling her child a very familiar phrase… “Don’t talk to strangers.”

I’ve heard my parents tell me this many times when I was a child. In fact, I recall being lost in ‘Ororama Mega Center’ (a local shopping mall). I was about 4 or 5 years-old  then. I was standing near the entrance door, when a sales lady and a security guard approached me. They asked me questions like; “What’s your name?”, “Who are you with?”, and “Where do you live?”… I recall telling the both of them “I don’t talk to strangers.” (LOL!)

I closely looked at the lady talking to her son in crude English accent. She was slender, with brown skin and straight long black hair (qualities of an average Filipina woman). I panned my sight down to her son. A cute little boy, with very pale skin, blond hair, and sparkling blue eyes…