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Summer 2014: Gabie’s 1st Swim

Hello Gorgeous Reader!Summer is officially over. Well, we didn’t get the chance to travel anywhere. But that doesn’t mean missing out on the summer dip.Starting a family has it’s limitations; financial limitations. Not to mention all the hassle of bringing twice the number of bags when you have a baby.So, we’ve found a hassle-free and affordable summer getaway of our own.We went to Hotel Seda at Centrio Mall; located right within the city of CDO.Compared to the Php 10,000 or more budget for a summer vacation; it only cost us less than Php 1,000. No packing hassle; the only thing we needed to bring were our swimsuits. We didn’t even have to worry that Gabie didn’t have one because we were able to purchase one conveniently from the mall. You can even opt to have an affordable snack there before going to the hotel and taking a dip in the pool. To top it off, out of the Php 350 (per person) pool fee, Php 200 is consumable which solved our dinner!There we were on our first family summer. ^…