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Back to Blogging

Hello Gorgeous Reader!
After almost two years of hiatus, here I am trying to find my way back to blogging; my way back to writing.
Perhaps at some point I have given up on this blog. I have given up on writing among many other hobbies that I enjoyed doing when I had the liberty of time.  My days have narrowed down to routine childcare, chores and endless scrolling on social media. Most days would end with a burnt-out feeling and hoping to just get-by the next day.It wasn’t until one lesson with my student that I realized what makes people happy is not a “one-time big-time” thing. Instead, it is relentlessly pursuing the little things that make you feel happy, healthy, or productive.  Taking a moment each day to read an inspiring quote; 16 deep breaths; one project a week; one blog a month.These little things that make us happy are equally as important as the responsibilities that we need to do everyday. So here I am, taking baby steps to win back my happiness. One project at a time; one…