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Starting Over

Hello Gorgeous Reader!Have you ever felt “information overload” before? Well I’m pretty much experiencing “life overload”. That’s when life unfolds too fast and all you can do is watch.I feel like my life has spun 360 in the past year. Home is not what it used to be. My family is bigger that it was. My job is less challenging than what I used to do. Priorities change. And I have changed a lot.(I got a new haircut ^_^)I never imagined I’d be who I am now. A “desperate housewife” (LOL) living in a quite (too quiet) suburban neighborhood, doing chores, cooking (seriously?!) and counting the days ‘till I deliver this baby (yup, I’m pregnant) and finally get to have some company in this miniature of a house.It’s totally different from being surrounded by people all the time at work, reaching quotas, and passing quality audits. Crashing into my bed after work and not having to think about what too cook for breakfast the next day because my mom will have breakfast served by the time I rush b…