Monday, November 21, 2011

Eloping for a Day

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


As I promised last blog, I’ll be telling you about my somewhat “Breaking Dawn” trip.

I kind of hesitated about this since I’ll be posting pictures and I’m shy. But what the heck! Blogging is freedom anyway so here goes.

I went to Camiguin Island; my boyfriend’s  hometown. It was my very first across-the-sea trip in a long time (my last trip was when I was 5 ~_~) . I was nervous. Nervous over the sea vessel ride and nervous that we’d have to spend 3 days with his parents. (I’m such a girl, I know) Of course his parents were very nice and gracious.

On our second day there, we spent the entire day together. We circumnavigated the entire island; just he and I on a motorbike. Somewhat like eloping (^_^).



I loved the way we talked as we passed by the beautiful island’s scenery. The quiet road, the clear blue sky, the wind on my face and his sturdy back to lean on…

It felt like a scene from a movie ^_^


IMG_0183 We then hopped onto a boat to get to “White Island”. Where we just enjoyed the beach and each other’s company.


We had picture taking. I told him, “someday, when we’re old, fat and wrinkly, we’ll see these pictures and tell our snotty kids, we were sexy people once ^_^” LOL



We then headed off back on the road to more destinations.

The “Ardent Hot Spring Resort”.

IMG_0319 The “Sunken Cemetery”.

IMG_0338The “Old Church”.

We had planned to go to other locations but we had little time to spend and we didn’t want to travel at night. So we just watched the sun go down as we drove on the motorbike by a seaside road .

It was indeed a very beautiful day. A day which is now part of our memories together…

Back from a Break

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


It’s good to be back! ^_^ How have you all been? Oh my… I probably missed a whole lot of blog posts. Sorry, I won’t be able to check all of them out. I did skim a bit and realized that a lot of your posts recently were about the movie “Breaking Dawn Part 1”… Whoosh~ I missed the premier too?!!

If you don’t know, I am a big movie junkie. My boyfriend and I are. In fact we have a photo album for movie tickets. We love watching the movie and discussing the plot after. He likes to read the book versions too (if the movie is an adaptation) I like tracing the writing style and intricacy of the story. After all, I do hope to be able to write my very own book someday.

Well, I don’t have much to say because my mission for  the kittens was a fiasco. So instead, I decided to have a “Breaking Dawn” adventure of my own. (Minus the love triangle of course!)

I’ll tell you all about the trip on my next post. ^_^ Here’s a sneak preview.

IMG_0243Those are my feet. ^_^


Beautiful Scenery~

IMG_0356 My own spider-monkey on the tree ^_^

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Out on a Mission

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


Due to some circumstances, the photo challenge (supposedly daily) will have to be placed on hold for a couple of days.

Three kittens have appeared to me this morning and have asked for 3 highly confidential wishes; which I am supposed to grant them.

With this I have allotted a day for each kitten to deliver the wish he/she/it asked for.

Thus, I will be out on a mission for 3 days and no blogging is allowed for better concentration.

I will leave you with the thought of me; mounting a dragon that flies across the seas, riding a unicorn through a stretch of shimmering white sand; jumping off a waterfall within a lush green forest…

If I fail, those poor kittens will be placed in a sack hung on a tree, smoked with a bonfire beneath it, and  beaten with a stick.  ~_~

If I succeed, these kittens will be freed from slavery!

Adios! See you in three days~

=^.^=      =^o^=     =^O^=