Sunday, August 5, 2012

Maksim Gabriel: The Angel of a Growing Family

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


I bring joyful news! An angel is born to our family… ^_^

Meet Maksim Gabriel. Born: August 1, 2012. The first grandchild of our family.


He is the first born son of my younger brother who is the second child of our family. Because I’m the eldest, that means ‘yes’ he had a baby before I did. And for some twist of fate my sister, the third child of the family is also expecting a child due this January 2013. That means my youngest brother and I are left childless. (He better not think of something crazy! LOL)

maksim mrvica


The baby got his name from this guy. Maksim Mrvica a contemporary pianist who plays classical music like rock&roll.



My brother used to play the keyboards in a band. The baby’s mom is a ballerina.  I guess music is their common denominator. They met way back in high school. They always hung-out at our house with other classmates to make projects or celebrate birthdays. They were really good friends then. I never figured they would end up together.

I’ll let you in on a secret. My brother had this huge crush on her in high school. He would say her name while he’s asleep. LOL! shhh~She’s a very nice girl, probably the nicest one among my brother’s girlfriends. And it’s great to have her part of our family.

welcome maksim

Babies are truly bundles of joy. I could not help but smile when I saw my very first nephew. I just want to hug and kiss and spoil him! LOL (I’m an aunt!)


My parents were surely super duper excited to be grandparents. My mom even left me because she was in such a rush to get back to the hospital. LOL

maksim junboy

It was truly awesome to see my brother carry his baby boy for the first time. ^_^

Oh how our family grows! I’m surely expecting a fun filled Christmas.