Saturday, January 7, 2012

End of the World Nightmare!

Hello Gorgeous Readers!


Alas! After almost 3 weeks; our WiFi internet is back! Which means I’m back! ^_^

Hey look! It’s the year Two Thousand and Twelve! The year with 3 Friday the 13ths and doomed to be the year the world ends. Yikes!

I know… thinking or talking about that can sound a bit paranoid. You see, for the past weeks, the box office topic of the town is the flood.

I’ve heard so many scary and sad stories of what the victims experienced that all of these accumulated in my brain and splashed in my sleep as a nightmare.

I went to sleep very tired from work…

All of a sudden, I found myself waking up very uncomfortably. It seems I’ve lost consciousness for a while. Squinted my eyes to see the sky was covered with smoke and dust. I felt sweat soaked and weak. My throat was dry as a desert.

I moved and realized I was lying amongst dead bodies. People had thrown me atop the pile of carcasses thinking I was dead.

The next moment, I found myself standing behind one side of a wire-fence. I was anxiously awaiting a landing plane. My brother was on it; he was coming home to be with us when the world ends.

Then, I was crying… I was crying because I couldn’t be with my boyfriend when the world ends. He was trapped in another side of the town. Roads and bridges have been broken by a series of earthquakes.

I found myself driving a truck as fast as it can go. My entire family was with me. We  were going uphill because there was a nuclear explosion and a radio-active wave is radiating consuming the town.

I lit a candle in a dark room. Revealing my family’s worried faces beside me. I asked for forgiveness for all my sins (and trust me I’m not the prayerful type). There was a sudden thud and the ground began to shake very intensely.

The candlelight died. It was the end of the world.

I inhaled so hard and woke up to realize… damn! I’m late for work.

(Where do you think would you be if it were the end of the world reader?) ~_~


  1. Yay for your Wi-Fi being back (happens to me too many times). I had no idea there were 3 Friday the 13th's this year. Uh Oh. Your nightmare sounds quite scary! Do you think there is any truth to the paranoia of 2012?

  2. this year has 3 friday the 13ths and dec21/12? this is gonna be quite the year!

    If the world ends I hope to be hanging out on the internet as it happens!

  3. Nothing will happen on 2012 except all the riots from people shitting bricks lol. Never the less, I will be hiding in my Nokia bomb shelter on that day..


  4. Thanks for stopping by sweety, hope that you are doing well!


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