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Engaged: An Awkward and Funny Proposal

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I come bearing news; good news! I'm engaged. ^____^ (wow! it feels weird even just writing it) I guess you might have already known this since my future sister-in-law (ehem! ^_^) beat me at blogging about it a couple of weeks back.

To be honest, I kept the news to myself for a while. I didn't know who to tell first or how to tell my parents. It's mind-blowing to utter the words "mom, I'm getting married". I find it ridiculously funny that I'm shy about it or having a hard time telling my parents. After all, I'm at the right age, my boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years and we both earn a living.

And, just to clear the air, NO I'm not pregnant! W.T.H!

Anyway, just like Mai blogged, he proposed in a chic café, at 6pm. (just about the same time when seven years back he asked me to be his girlfriend)

But unlike Mai's impression, I didn't know her brother was going to propose that day. Well, we've already talked about getting married, so a proposal was already out of the picture for me. I've always told him that a proposal is just unnecessary expense. Why buy an engagement ring, when you still ought to buy a pair of wedding rings?

A couple of weeks before his proposal he had already told me that we were going to attend a party with his co-workers. It was supposedly a Christmas party but was cancelled due to the Typhoon Sendong tragedy.

That day, I brought a dress and changed after my work duty. I didn't want to get caught on camera wearing my work uniform. LOL ^_^ Ironically, I was stuck in traffic so bad that I walked the city street in the dress with a backpack.

When I finally saw him other on the street (he was waiting for me); I was glad because he looked really nice which meant I wasn't over dressed for the occasion. He said, he wanted mango shake and I asked "Aren't we going to a party where we are going to eat anyway?" and he replied "Let's just drop by this coffee shop for a bit".

When we got inside and I saw his sister; my confidence flew out the window. Just like it always happens whenever I'm around his friends or family.

He started making this serious face. Which was awkward and funny at the same time. You see, he only has 4 serious face looks. 1. the I'm angry serious face 2. the I'm thinking/not thinking serious face 3. the I'm worried/ I'm about to get busted serious face. But this serious face was awkward. I began to giggle looking at him. His sister was giving him the "you're embarrassing me" look LOL.

Then he said, "I'm quitting my job". My mind went to flash speed thinking. I was worried he would leave me to work abroad and earn more. "Why?" I seriously replied. Then he asked, "Would you come if I asked you to live under the bridge with me?" "Well, I'll help you dig a pit for our bathroom" I laughingly answered. We all laughed.

Then he said, he wanted to tell me something and that he practiced a speech last night. But he couldn't remember any of it out of nervousness. So he just went down on one knee, offered me this beautiful ring, and asked me to marry him. I said "of course I will, even for a hundred times; I will marry you".

I was so overwhelmed. I was so happy that I wanted to cry. I never dreamed that in my life I would experience a proposal. It's something I've only seen in movies. That very moment, he made me the happiest girl.

I wanted to hug and kiss him but that would be awkward knowing that his sister was taking pictures (and probably filming) while all this was happening. We were all laughing because we kept asking Mai if what we were doing was right. Should he stand up now? Should the ring be on the right or left hand? Which finger should we put the ring on? ^_^ She would answer "why are you asking me, I'm just here to take pictures." LOL


Sure, it was a bit awkward... but I wouldn't have it any other way. Mai is his closest sibling. And if she weren't there, we wouldn't have that moment so beautifully documented like she did with these pictures.
(Thank you Mai ^_^)

 While my boyfriend fiancé  and I were walking on the street to get a cab to get to the party; I asked him "What was your speech?" He looked at me and said "I wish I could give you everything, but for now all I can give you is this ring. I want to spend the rest of my life with you... Will you marry me?" My heart melted, I smiled and said "it's beautiful..."

A car honked at us as it sped right by. We both said "hey!" then he said "don't get us killed, we just got engaged!" We looked at each other and smiled... ^_^ OMG! we're engaged! Thanks to everyone who showered warm greetings. ^_^


  1. Aw wow!! This is the best news, I am So Thrilled and Happy for you sweetheart. A hearty congratulations, your proposal story made me smile, so endearing. The ring looks lovely and you both make a stunning couple. So exciting, you now have a wedding to plan!! I wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

    1. Hi Sam! ^_^ when I thought about planning a wedding I immediately thought of checking your blog for nice gown designs.

      Thanks for the sweet greeting. ^_^

      I hope you'll have lots of love too!

    2. Thanks, you have given a great post idea...

  2. Congradulations! Its sounds like it was quite the night! I'm glad your soon to be sister in law was there to capture it on film! Now you can have those pictures for a life time! A life time of being married to the man you love! I'm so happy for you! and I'm glad you guys waited till you'd been together seven years! That way you know its the real thing!
    Best of luck on your new life!

    (and don't you hate it when peoples first reaction is "are you pregnant?" Its such a mood killer! You have happy news and every one suspects ulterior motives!)

    1. thanks ^_____^

      and yeah... why do people always doubt a happy moment? i personally think people who always question happiness can never be truly happy themselves

  3. Good news. Congratulations!! :D

  4. Good grief, this is one of the most romantic real experiences I've ever heard! You and your new family's sweet conversations made me smile as well.
    Congratulations and go get a baby! lol

    1. LOL ^_^ Thanks!

      hmm baby? maybe after we both get bored of watching too much NBA or after backpaking to as many places as we can! ^_^

      but seriously though... parenthood is not a race... we're still preparing for married life; parenthood is a whole new thing to prepare for... hopefully it's not the end of the world yet so we'll have enough time for all that ^_^

  5. i'm so happy for you... but i'm not surprised anymore... coz Mai posted it first. haha! Congrats.

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  6. char! welcome, welcome, welcome..his speech sounds so "corny" haha..but yeah, it was a good one :D

  7. That was so so cute...i cant imagine that sweet little girl has turn into a woman, our favorite song with your tito Bong " this girl has turn into a woman" Mary Mcgregor remind me once how happy you become when your inlove im so happy cant wait to see you walking in the aisle, God bless true love last forever. Tta G.

  8. That was so so cute...i cant imagine that sweet little girl has turn into a woman, our favorite song with your tito Bong " this girl has turn into a woman" Mary Mcgregor remind me once how happy you become when your inlove im so happy cant wait to see you walking in the aisle, God bless true love last forever. Tta G.

  9. That was so so cute...i cant imagine that sweet little girl has turn into a woman, our favorite song with your tito Bong " this girl has turn into a woman" Mary Mcgregor remind me once how happy you become when your inlove im so happy cant wait to see you walking in the aisle, God bless true love last forever. Tta G.


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