Saturday, January 21, 2012

How did I ever End Up in Sales?

Hello Gorgeous Readers!


My apologies for being under the radar for quite some time. I’ve quite busy for the first 15 days of the month. Come to think of it, I’m busy still. But I finally had the time to write today since my schedule is 3pm to 11pm.

By the way, I’m working under sales now. My gosh, the sound of the word ‘sales’ echo in my head.

7 years ago, I had a big argument with my parents. I was a freshman in college taking up accountancy. The idea of sales did not appeal to me one bit. I hated math. I hated counting a string of numbers on an on, everyday.

I was very stubborn then. I knew what I wanted. I wanted out of that program. But I had no valid reason to give up on accountancy… unless, I fail. On the day of the final exam for two major accounting subjects, I submitted the test papers blank. The only thing I wrote on it was my name. Then, I trashed my calculator.

I felt rebelliously proud then; but I feel bad thinking about it now.

My parents were really disappointed at me for failing two major subjects. They finally let me shift course to bachelor of arts in English.

Honestly, I don’t regret choosing AB English over BS Accountancy. I guess it was just my means of getting what I wanted that… well… kind of makes me feel disappointed of myself.


Well, as crazy as it sounds, 7 years later, I’m working under sales. I don’t know where life will lead me next; but like my co-worker used to say… “we just have to excel”

Saturday, January 7, 2012

End of the World Nightmare!

Hello Gorgeous Readers!


Alas! After almost 3 weeks; our WiFi internet is back! Which means I’m back! ^_^

Hey look! It’s the year Two Thousand and Twelve! The year with 3 Friday the 13ths and doomed to be the year the world ends. Yikes!

I know… thinking or talking about that can sound a bit paranoid. You see, for the past weeks, the box office topic of the town is the flood.

I’ve heard so many scary and sad stories of what the victims experienced that all of these accumulated in my brain and splashed in my sleep as a nightmare.

I went to sleep very tired from work…

All of a sudden, I found myself waking up very uncomfortably. It seems I’ve lost consciousness for a while. Squinted my eyes to see the sky was covered with smoke and dust. I felt sweat soaked and weak. My throat was dry as a desert.

I moved and realized I was lying amongst dead bodies. People had thrown me atop the pile of carcasses thinking I was dead.

The next moment, I found myself standing behind one side of a wire-fence. I was anxiously awaiting a landing plane. My brother was on it; he was coming home to be with us when the world ends.

Then, I was crying… I was crying because I couldn’t be with my boyfriend when the world ends. He was trapped in another side of the town. Roads and bridges have been broken by a series of earthquakes.

I found myself driving a truck as fast as it can go. My entire family was with me. We  were going uphill because there was a nuclear explosion and a radio-active wave is radiating consuming the town.

I lit a candle in a dark room. Revealing my family’s worried faces beside me. I asked for forgiveness for all my sins (and trust me I’m not the prayerful type). There was a sudden thud and the ground began to shake very intensely.

The candlelight died. It was the end of the world.

I inhaled so hard and woke up to realize… damn! I’m late for work.

(Where do you think would you be if it were the end of the world reader?) ~_~

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Tweets!

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


Whoa! In just a few hours it’ll be 2o12! But I’m torn between excitement and fear. You know… because the movie and the song said the world would end in 2012… (sigh~) @_@

What makes me even more anxious about it are all these crazy phenomena like floods and earthquakes and heat waves and nuclear hazards…

Despite all that; fate has managed to put a cherry on top of my year 2011 experience.

Voila! I’ll be spending new year’s eve at a hospital!

cumc2  cumc1  cumc3

Yesterday, my mom slipped and fell. We brought her to the hospital (meaning I was absent from work again). She fractured a couple of ribs and they found air and blood in her lungs.

Oh… it seems all I’m getting this year is a streak of bad luck… But of course moping about it won’t make it any better. I know people out there are in far worse condition.

And after all the challenges I’ve gone through this year; I think this axiom best define my current disposition.


“What won’t kill you will only make you stronger.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche


So for the year 2012, no to negativity and hello positivity! Stay strong and live long!

Happy happy New Year!!! ^_^

Oh, and my New Year’s treat for you readers?

I’ve created a Twitter account! I wanted to share more and get to interact with you readers better. But I couldn’t add you at my Facebook account because well… I’m shy (LOL). So I made a twitter account instead!

I don’t know if it’s already searchable but you can follow me here:


Have a great start of the year gorgeous readers! ^_________^