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Movie Themed Wedding Details: A very ‘cheesy” moment in time.

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So I’ve already told you about our  Movie Themed Pre-Nuptial Photos. But we also had a few other “movie themed” wedding details that my husband and I DIY-ed for our wedding.

We actually went to watch a movie the first time we met. It was a cheesy romantic-comedy called “The Prince and Me” starring Julia Stiles. We were supposed to watch “The Notebook” but it wasn’t showing yet.

We would have interesting conversations after the movie. We would talk about the plot, movie direction, score, actors, effects, similar movies or life experiences. It began our friendship which, just like a cliché romantic-comedy, lead to “hey, I think I’m falling for my movie-buddy”.

Alright, enough back-story and here are the “movie themed wedding details”.

Wedding Invitations

movie theme wedding invitation 2movie theme wedding invitation movie theme wedding invitation 3

We got the idea of having the invitation printed on sticker paper and put on a blank cd. Although we wanted to put some photos or message in the cd itself; we just didn’t have the time. A friend of Mai (my husband’s sister) did the layout. His other sister Marie and her boyfriend printed the stickers. Then my husband and I did the manual labor of sticking the sticker paper on the cd and putting it inside a case. It turned out cute actually. Though some guests responded with “my invitation is broken; it doesn’t play” or “where’s the movie?”  lol

Movie Ticket Giveaways Tag

movie ticket giveaway tags

Because our giveaways have no relation to movies whatsoever, we had the clever idea of printing out tags that look like movie tickets.

Movie Themed Wedding Posters

movie theme wedding postermovie theme wedding poster 2

Posters of pre-nup photos are kind of a trend in weddings these days (so that the guests won’t get lost at the reception venue), so we had a few photos of us edited into movie posters. The posters were displayed outside the reception hall like a backdrop for our guests take photos as if they were watching an exclusive screening of a movie.

Popcorn and Custom Popcorn Box

custom popcorn boxpopcorn maker stall

Instead of serving peanuts or candies for the guests to munch on while waiting, we hired a popcorn stall. (Seriously!) I also made pink popcorn boxes to match.

Movie Trailer

Movie themed wedding: Trailer clip. Nov. 10 2012

To top the fondue of cheesiness we even made our very own movie trailer! Complete with our out-of-pitch voices singing the cheesy theme song! HAHA Open-mouthed smile 

We had it shown right before we entered the reception hall. It was embarrassing but we had fun and that’s what matters.

(Disclaimer: I’m sorry 20th Century Fox for using your intro.)


We still love movies and we still have endless conversations. <3

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