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Mother’s Day 2014

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

One of the staples for the month of May is Mother's Day and I was so excited to be celebrating it for the first time. Although technically I was pregnant last year... so it would be my second time to celebrate it? Hmm? :/


What makes someone a mother anyway?

I guess I could say I've taken the ultimate route to motherhood. I'm a housewife and I've pretty much spent most of my pregnancy and after, by myself (until my husband comes home from work). I say it's the ultimate route because these days from where I come from, women of my generation would usually have some company like their parents, relatives or hired help to watch over them while they're pregnant and eventually help take care of the baby.

It would seem like a comical scene to see a woman alone at home with newborn baby doing 5 chores all at the same time; but that was my reality. You could only imagine the relief on my face when my husband gets home from work.


I would say being a mother is an indescribably exhausting and challenging task. There were moments when I'd say to myself "someone just kill me now" LOL :D Some days I would cry along with the baby, wallowing in my clothes drenched with a concoction of sweat, baby burp, pee, probably poo, laundry soap, dishwashing liquid, and a number of other things. On top of that the onset of breastfeeding is torture (literally!). It's like having an open wound pinched over and over again. I wouldn't judge other women who would prefer to bottle feed their babies.


Come to think of it, I feel like I now have greater respect for all women who take care of children. I could only imagine being a dedicated nanny; going through all the trouble of taking care of a baby that's not even yours and getting scolded when the mom gets home because the baby has a mosquito bite. It would probably be heartbreaking to care for an adopted child or a niece/nephew and be resented only because they didn't "come from you". Even more so with women who are single parents, who, on top of the madness of solely caring for a child, have to deal with the double standard prejudices and discrimination of society.









But really; what is a mother? She is a woman who bears the sacrifices for the sake of a child. I know this because for me, the most distinct moments of my motherhood are not the fun ones but the challenging ones. I remember the time I had trouble breathing because of my asthma, but I kept on blowing air on my baby's forehead because she felt warm. It was as if giving my last breath for the sake of giving her little bit of comfort. That moment, I thought to myself "wow, I am a mom". It is in fact the hardships that makes motherhood more meaningful to me.


In exchange of all the sacrifices; the rewards of motherhood can never be measured in monetary or tangible value. That is because a mother's only true and greatest joy is to see her baby happy. Although all moms wouldn’t mind receiving a greeting card, flowers or stuffed toys, a gift certificates to the salon or spa, a food treat or a new gadget perhaps. ;) LOL

As for my Mother's day celebration; it was a simple treat. I woke up late (which is already a luxury). My husband surprised me with a letter and he pretty much did most of chores, including giving Gabrielle's bath. (Yes, I'm one lucky mom! :D ) I planned on baking cupcakes for my mom but the blackout conveniently started while I was prepping :( So I went empty-handed to my parent's house, where I just greeted my mom and grandma. Then we went to the mall where I fulfilled my fantasy of sitting in a café with my husband (Gabie was our unhappy third wheel) eating cake (blueberry cheesecake) and drinking (wait for it...) COFFEE! (after a very long time). My husband also treated me to a massage. I said it wasn't necessary since I have so much chores to do the next day but he insisted. We bought take-out dinner from out favorite fast-food and headed home.









I did bake my mom a carrot cake but it was about a week late ^_^ I'm glad she liked it. (although it's not that pretty)


I'd like to thank all the women who made sacrifices for me, especially my mom. I wouldn't be the kind of person and mother that I am today without you. I'd also like to thank all the women who helped raise and hone such a loving husband. And thanks to all other mothers who inspire me to be a better mom.

Happy Mother's Day to us all! May we reign in the kingdom of our homes with more beauty, wisdom and joy!



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