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Marriage Explained: Prenuptial Church Interview

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Part of the requirements of a church wedding is an interview with a priest. We certainly did not know what to expect in that interview. Luckily, the priest who interviewed us was very nice. He wasn’t intimidating at all. He asked practical questions and even made us laugh. We both got teary-eyed when he asked how we fell in-love. I never thought it would be so emotional to share our relationship’s story to another person.
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He also explained what marriage is and this is how I understood it.

Marriage is Not a Proof of Love

Love for one person is not proved by a single occasion; it is something that a couple proves with daily effort. We love our parents, our friends but it doesn’t mean we have to marry them to prove it. Marriage has a specific function other than binding two people for the rest of their lives. Because all it takes to love someone forever is commitment and not necessarily a marriage.

Marriage needs Blessing and Guidance

When two people get married, it means that they have decided to build a family together. A family, according the priest, is the basic unit of the church; hence it is called “little church”. Which is why a marriage is considered sacred and thus it needs to be blessed.

If the couple who are to be married do not intend to have children, then it is not considered a real marriage. This is where the phrase “a marriage is not considered a binding contract until and unless it has been consummated” is rooted from. This is probably the main reason why the church does not marry gay/lesbian couples. Simply because they do not have the ability to create life or children.

Creation of life is the other most important gift that God has granted aside from free will. It is sacred which is why the church provides guidance along with your principal sponsors. We create the world, we create the future. And if couples are not guided, their children will not be guided and we could only hope for a good future.

Marriage is Not Easy

The priest said that the world is full of evils and trials. It will test us in different forms and ways. He said, “true love is the most powerful thing”. Sure, it sounds like something out of a fairytale story. But he continued that true love will be the only thing that can hold us together through the storm of trials. God will be there to guide us and give us hope.

There was so much more insight and wisdom that the priest had explained to us in the interview. But this blog is getting too long and I bet you’re getting crossed-eyed reading this.  LOL! I’m pretty sure a marriage interview is a different experience for each couple. Which is why it is something special. ^_^ Love3x!!!


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  2. Very wise insight! Gives me a whole new perspective into the whole marriage thing, especially about the having kids part of it, didn't realize how important that was. Thats true that marriage doesn't equal love and vice versa too. Very informative post hun!

    1. yeah, the explanation of the priest was new to me too. it was a whole new perspective on marriage. i thought the interview was just going to be a series of awkward questions LOL~

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  4. oh! when it comes to marriage, I HAVE NO IDEA. I mean, I might have some in mind but definitely not a good stuff.

  5. nice post, well explained! thanks for sharing this with us!

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  7. That's so lovely! I hope your marriage is long and extremely awesome :) <3 x


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