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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


One of the major movies to hit the theater this 2012, “The Dark Knight Rises”, remained true to its dark version genre. Ironically, both on screen and off.

It appears that death has befallen the film once more as a madman open fired at the movie goers on the premier of the film in Denver Colorado. This was but the second death off screen. The last franchise installment was also known to be the last film of actor Heath Ledger who played “The Joker” in the said movie.

It was a sad day for the movie going community when the news broke and echoed throughout the web.I honestly had second thoughts on watching the film. But since this is one of the must-see movies of the year, I had to brave through it.


Despite the fact that my heart was racing during the shootout scenes (paranoia strikes), I felt like the movie did not quite meet my high expectations.


There were scenes that were plainly boring. I’m referring to some dialogs and fight scenes that lacked impact because for some reason the score had poor or no volume at all. The good use of sound effects or score definitely makes 80% difference in a scene and some scenes in the movie just lacked this quality.

Fight scenes were poorly choreographed. This installment lacked the spunk that made the franchise a hit. I noticed that Batman turn his back on Bane and climbed the steps so randomly like he wasn’t in a fight. Even the plot had some loose strings to it. For example; hundreds of cops get trapped underground for weeks and not a single one thought of finding a way to get out. Are cops really that lousy or stupid?

It also lacked the element of surprise. I just felt that the story was quite predictable and shallow. It didn’t have the depth of emotional torture that pushes a man/woman to darkness which was awesomely played in the last film with Joker and Two-Face’s characters.


Still, it includes a power house of actors. Bale was Batman himself as usual. There were also cool fight scenes with Hathaway. Gordon-Levitt also did pretty well. In general, acting was good but the direction and plot just kind of pulled it down.

Batman’s gadgets and cutting edge mobile technology was also jaw-dropping cool.

So on the rate of 1 to 5; five being the highest, I give this movie

a THREE, it’s good enough to see at the theaters… but I recommend not to bring children, wear bullet-proof vest and drop to the ground at the sound of real gun fire.


My thoughts and prayers go to all the victims of the unfortunate event in Denver Colorado. ~_~


  1. taas man gud akong expectation mai... di pud sya type sa salida na estoryahan gyud ninyo pagkahuman like inception or something... ordinary superhero flick ra gyud... :(

    have a nice day!

  2. Replies
    1. okay din naman po ang movie... hindi lang talaga na meet yung eni expect ko...

      have a nice day po! ^_^

  3. Such a sad thing to happen. I want to see that film though from what you're saying, it doesn't seem that good :S x

    1. hi! well, the movie was good but not as good as i expected it would be...

      have a nice day! ^_^

  4. I'm still going to go see it in theatres when I get the chance.

    1. it honestly did make me nervous, watching the movie after the news ~_~

      have a nice day! ^_^

  5. Hi sweetie, thanks for visiting, how are you doing?

    1. Hi Sam! thank for dropping by too! i'm super busy! i'll blog about it soon ^__^

      have a nice day! ^_^


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