Sunday, July 24, 2011

A WANDerful Story

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

Exactly a week ago, I watched the last installment of a movie series that I started watching exactly a decade ago.

I recall my brother; a budding freshman, telling me about a book he borrowed from one of  his classmates. It had shades of purple and had a cute drawing of a boy who seemed to be riding a broom. I never had interest in books; I still don't. But this book was one of the very few books that I have read and actually finished reading. You see, it was the movie that drove me to read it. I watched it with my entire family then. I don't know if it was the adventure story or the out-of-this-world language (wingardium leviosa!) or the cute characters with an even cuter English accent; there was one word to describe it MAGICAL...

Throughout my teenage years it was the movie that we watched out for every year; much like a cult actually. But alas, the story that started with an ordinary tale ends with an epic battle between good and evil. I must say that the last movie gave it justice. I most specifically like the last part of the ending. The story that started with a boy ends with a boy. A happy ending. After all, that's all we really wish for in life.

Maybe someday there will be another great movie series. But I feel that this series is one close to my heart and one that would represent my generation. Just like 'Star Wars' represent that of my parents' generation. With this, I say... bravo! Harry Potter!


  1. whoa! nalingaw kos mga kissing scene nila ato :D

  2. hmm... ako giluod ko sa kissing scene nila hahaha ^____^


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