Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Apologies…

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

This isn’t the blog for today but I just would like to take some time to apologize for not being able to post daily or every other day which is my ideal frequency of posting blogs… ~_~ I really do want to post as often as I could, but lately I get home and just crash on to my bed.

The times I’ve attempted to write a blog; I woke up the next day to find my laptop beside me and all I’ve written was “Hello Gorgeous Reader!”…

I suppose this is yet another roadblock for bloggers… (the first is not having topics to write about) And this; not having the time to post blogs promptly.

I don’t know how I’m ever going to solve this since my work schedule have just been all over the place… But of course I’ll never know until I try right?

And on top of that I also changed my URL from ( to ( which turned out to be such a huge mess! ~_~

I do hope you (gorgeous reader) and especially my freakin’ gorgeous followers would still read my blogs and comment (pwetty pwease? *_*)

Anywhozzles bamboozles… Today’s blog will be up in a bit. ^_____^


  1. Why'd you changed it anyway? I think I bookmarked your blog 2-3 days before you change the URL so I was quite surprised when the link suddenly became unavailable. I thought you deleted your blog or something.

  2. I know~ It's so ridiculous... all my links were gone in one poof! I changed the URL because I wanted it to be like my blog title... thanks for the bookmark by the way ^___________^


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