Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sleep Attack!

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


Yes, it is 1am… and no, I did not forget about the blog. I’ve already finished writing it yesterday actually (though technically, today is tomorrow because it is already 1am) but I won’t be posting it today for something of far greater importance.

I’m quitting blogging.

Gotcha! LOL~ Just kidding… ^_^

No, seriously, the reason why I’m blogging right now is because I want to get my eyes back to “sleepy mode”.

I’ve been having these ‘sleep attacks’ lately. Like for example today:

6pm I was going on and on to my mom about how good dinner would be and that I can’t wait to get home and eat.

7pm we got home. I soaked my laundry to wash later and turned on my computer to buff my daily fill of vlogs.

7:15pm I picked up some things on my bed

‘SLEEP ATTACK’ = blackout

12:30pm I woke up on my bed. I haven’t washed up and heck! I missed dinner completely!

1am I finished washing up and doing the soaked laundry like a zombie.

1:30am Snap! I’m awake like it’s the middle of the afternoon. I’m hungry but I’m afraid if I ate I would probably be awake until 3am

Now back to the blog…

So yeah, I think I have a sleeping problem (hey dirty-minded it’s not the other sleeping problem) I think the graveyard shift that I had last weekend may probably have something to do with this….

I just want to sleep~ heellppp~


How about you reader, have you ever experienced ‘sleep attack’?


  1. yes, and i always get headaches so i just can't nap any more. it's too much

  2. I'm experiencing them lately. :D
    I just can't get enough sleep. -.-'

  3. When I don't want to sleep, I get sleepy.
    When I want to sleep, I feel awake.
    Cruel cycle I must say.

  4. I have similar sleep problems. I rotate among having trouble getting to sleep, going to sleep quickly but waking up after 3 hours and unable to go back to sleep, and just straight up insomnia.


  5. recently i have been having this same problem>> Staying up way too late. Of course part of it may be because I have been watching breaking bad late at night and it gets me all excited. Then i just take a xanax and go to sleep.

  6. @jlittlejohn
    i don't get headaches.. i just blackout like i fainted or something... those headaches sound pretty scary..

    'can't get enough sleep' it's a cruel world ~_~

    couldn't agree more ^_^ people always want the opposite of things

    nahw~ insomnia? now i feel like i have some sort of desease... ~_~

    they say sleeping pills are addictive... yikes! O_o

  7. I think we can all agree that there should be an international Blogger's Holiday! We'll all catch up on some Zzzz ^___^


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