Saturday, October 15, 2011

Girls: The Myth

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


I’ve been posting blogs for a blog challenge called ‘ABC Blog Challenge’ which I came up with after realizing that I’m quickly running out of topics to write about. As I posted the list of random words with the fist letters starting from A to Z, My2Pesos pointed out that I won’t be writing about ‘Girls’.


One of the post the I made for the challenge is entitled ‘Boys: the Myth’. So this will be the girl version as especially requested. (you may post a blog request or challenge on this page Blog Challenges )


Girls, or the female species were once free and majestic creatures of the earth. That is, before the alien race invaded…




They come from a pearl-like egg, found inside a shell much like a seashell. The only difference is that these are remains of their predecessors. How long it takes before these pearl-like eggs hatch? A year… ten years… a hundred… no one really knew.

They are amphibians. The longest part of their lives are spent in the ocean. Half of their body is flesh, while the lower half is a scaly fish-like tail of  beautiful blend of colors.

They like the company of their own specie. They live in clans and dwell in caves and rocky shores. They like adorning it with flowers, colorful seaweeds, shells and many other things. You see, the more beautiful the cave or shore is, the more likely others of their own kind will be drawn. And like I said, they enjoy being with their kind. They are also very caring and nurturing by nature in the same way that they do to all their clan members.

MermaidAs gentle as they are; they are also very competitive. Eager to have more in clan numbers, eager to have a more beautiful caves. Loyalty is also highly considered by their specie. Once branded disloyal, they are banished from the clan and left to fend for themselves alone.


At a certain time, they must leave their clan and bury themselves in the sand for months allowing the scales to wither and legs to fully develop. Rising from the sand, they begin their journey through dry land. They must find nutritious fruits to nourish their bodies before journeying back into the ocean to wither. Only the well nourished bodies can produce produce eggs and assure the continuance of their specie.

Life on land is treacherous but they have the developed power of intuition to adapt to these harsh condition. They collect beautiful stones called gems as a reminder of their great journey.

woman sea Nearing the end of their years, their skin will become shrunken and wrinkly, signs that they must return to the ocean. They bury their legs in the ocean bed and slowly wither and shrink becoming shell-like corals.


What do you think of girls reader?


  1. Girls can be extremely annoying but we can't live without them. Simply the greatest creation ever (yes, even THAT week of the month hahahaa)

  2. I love girls. I have all their albums. :D

  3. @plumber and max
    i think that feminist men are one of the bonuses in life ^_^

    do you mean a band called girls or girl-bands?

  4. i love girls :D expecially my girlfriend :D

  5. @cutest princess
    thank you! your comment made me smile like this ^___________^

    @Laughing Vault
    kudos! she's one lucky girl! ^_^


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