Monday, November 21, 2011

Back from a Break

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


It’s good to be back! ^_^ How have you all been? Oh my… I probably missed a whole lot of blog posts. Sorry, I won’t be able to check all of them out. I did skim a bit and realized that a lot of your posts recently were about the movie “Breaking Dawn Part 1”… Whoosh~ I missed the premier too?!!

If you don’t know, I am a big movie junkie. My boyfriend and I are. In fact we have a photo album for movie tickets. We love watching the movie and discussing the plot after. He likes to read the book versions too (if the movie is an adaptation) I like tracing the writing style and intricacy of the story. After all, I do hope to be able to write my very own book someday.

Well, I don’t have much to say because my mission for  the kittens was a fiasco. So instead, I decided to have a “Breaking Dawn” adventure of my own. (Minus the love triangle of course!)

I’ll tell you all about the trip on my next post. ^_^ Here’s a sneak preview.

IMG_0243Those are my feet. ^_^


Beautiful Scenery~

IMG_0356 My own spider-monkey on the tree ^_^


  1. @mai
    you're the least person to be jealous ^_^ because you know that place well! it's super nice... inyo pud parents super nice... i just experienced the real Filipino hospitality ^_______^

  2. You have an album for movie tickets - such a great idea!
    Scenery is beautiful

  3. @sam
    thanks ^_^

    i had a lot of tickets laying around so i placed them in a photo album and put little notes on it too. i gave it as a surprise to my boyfriend but he made me keep it

  4. i followed u as well..keep writing sister..!


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