Monday, November 21, 2011

Eloping for a Day

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


As I promised last blog, I’ll be telling you about my somewhat “Breaking Dawn” trip.

I kind of hesitated about this since I’ll be posting pictures and I’m shy. But what the heck! Blogging is freedom anyway so here goes.

I went to Camiguin Island; my boyfriend’s  hometown. It was my very first across-the-sea trip in a long time (my last trip was when I was 5 ~_~) . I was nervous. Nervous over the sea vessel ride and nervous that we’d have to spend 3 days with his parents. (I’m such a girl, I know) Of course his parents were very nice and gracious.

On our second day there, we spent the entire day together. We circumnavigated the entire island; just he and I on a motorbike. Somewhat like eloping (^_^).



I loved the way we talked as we passed by the beautiful island’s scenery. The quiet road, the clear blue sky, the wind on my face and his sturdy back to lean on…

It felt like a scene from a movie ^_^


IMG_0183 We then hopped onto a boat to get to “White Island”. Where we just enjoyed the beach and each other’s company.


We had picture taking. I told him, “someday, when we’re old, fat and wrinkly, we’ll see these pictures and tell our snotty kids, we were sexy people once ^_^” LOL



We then headed off back on the road to more destinations.

The “Ardent Hot Spring Resort”.

IMG_0319 The “Sunken Cemetery”.

IMG_0338The “Old Church”.

We had planned to go to other locations but we had little time to spend and we didn’t want to travel at night. So we just watched the sun go down as we drove on the motorbike by a seaside road .

It was indeed a very beautiful day. A day which is now part of our memories together…


  1. I'd love to be able to spend a day like this with my girlfriend, even if all of our parents were there.

  2. @dwei
    your comment about parents made me chuckle ^_^ I wish upon my lucky star that your wish will come true ^_____^

  3. i love ur post.i think we'd be gr8 also just starting blogging..Come check my blog out..!
    u take care! n i totally understand ur search n confusion.. :-)

  4. LOL i think you posted the wrong message on my page... i'm neither searching nor confused!

    but that's okay, i guess that's a common newbie mistake. good luck on blogging and i already followed your blog ^___^

  5. jubeli..kkk jud..:)

  6. alright :) nice photos ^_^

    glad you had fun! ^_^

  7. daghan ko wala naadtoan :( e.g. soda, sto. nino cold spring, station of the cross, mantigue island, fish farm, waterfalls something...

    but i'll be back! ^_____^

  8. looks like you had a great time with your love one! nice photos!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  9. @cutestprincess
    yup I truly did, hope you'll be able to visit Camiguin too.

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