Thursday, November 17, 2011

Out on a Mission

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


Due to some circumstances, the photo challenge (supposedly daily) will have to be placed on hold for a couple of days.

Three kittens have appeared to me this morning and have asked for 3 highly confidential wishes; which I am supposed to grant them.

With this I have allotted a day for each kitten to deliver the wish he/she/it asked for.

Thus, I will be out on a mission for 3 days and no blogging is allowed for better concentration.

I will leave you with the thought of me; mounting a dragon that flies across the seas, riding a unicorn through a stretch of shimmering white sand; jumping off a waterfall within a lush green forest…

If I fail, those poor kittens will be placed in a sack hung on a tree, smoked with a bonfire beneath it, and  beaten with a stick.  ~_~

If I succeed, these kittens will be freed from slavery!

Adios! See you in three days~

=^.^=      =^o^=     =^O^=


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