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Stereotyped: The times I wanted to be a…


Hello Gorgeous Reader!

Today I’ll be tackling one of the most cliché topics in modern society, which is stereotypes.

I guess everyone in my generation have seen those flicks and ads and TV series where there’s a jock, a nerdy guy, a cheerleader, a shy girl, a hopeless romantic dude and so on and so forth… Yes, I mean the Glee, Gossip Girl, Not Another Teen Movie, 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, and the ever epic Dawson’s Creek! In fact, even my favorite animé series are filled with stereotypes! (I love you Kaede Rukawa! LOL)

This has played such a huge role in my life that I would confess… I woke up one day believing I was Baby Spice (LOL)

Seriously though, I really did go through times when I wanted to be like these stereotypes. Here are a few of the stereotypes I wanted to be…. ^_^



“Every girl wants to be a princess” (even some boys do~ lol) I’ve gone through a phase in my life where I joined every single pageant and events that start with the word “Miss”. I guess even when girls grow up, they still have the yearning for this. That’s why my mom encouraged me to join whatever the heck I wanted to join. Being a princess is like being pretty, and prim and proper, and wearing cute dresses, and entertaining people with your singing and dancing, and answering stupid questions like “Question: If you had to choose between being rich and being beautiful; what would you choose and why?” My Answer: I would choose both because I’m a freakin’ Princess and I get everything I want!” Sadly, when I grew up, I didn’t quite “reach” the expectations… (I mean LITERALLY ‘coz I’m like 4’8’’!) But it’s nice remembering those days… I guess I’ll just dump all my frustrations to the hands of my future daughter. ^_^

                                                                                                     “THE NERDY GIRL”


When I realized that I couldn’t be the damn princess no more, I figured “well, what’s the opposite of a princess?” Yes, it’s the ‘nerdy girl’. The nerdy girl is shy, and has few friends, and good in academics and doesn’t get a lot of suitors and a bit clumsy too. It was kind of easy for me to fit in this stereotype because I really am shy and clumsy. The academics part I had to work for though ^_^ (I don’t like talking about this but for this blog then I will.) I did graduate first honor of my elementary school batch. My parents were more excited about that than me. I had to give a speech and I fainted on stage because I was sick that day (low iron). I was truly embarrassed. I realized that even “nerdy girls” have to put up with high expectations from people. I still have the nerdiness in me but I don’t try as hard as I used to.


26603_100436666662453_100000883601511_10410_5033935_n I tried to battle my shyness in the company of DVDs and yet again it lead me to another stereotype; the cheerleader.

 A cheerleader is strong. A cheerleader is happy. A cheerleader stays optimistic, Yeah baby! A cheerleader is fun. A cheerleader won’t run. Because in her heart she stays number 1!!

Do I even need to explain why I wanted to be a cheerleader? I loved everything about it! The fun costumes, the dancing, the stunts, the crowd cheering while you perform. So even when my parents didn’t agree with me joining the squad (because I’m asthmatic) I insisted. It was an awesome experience. But it’s a phase that you just have to let go when you grow up…

“THE EMO CHICK”   15301_102942583078528_100000883601511_47606_3320592_n

This stereotype became my obsession when I was unemployed, broke, and had no life. It’s not about the cutting thing (my gosh!) that caught my interest. It’s the edgy fashion, the “I don’t care” attitude, and the “go with your feelings” philosophy that I liked. It’s like “I’m a total loser and I feel awesome about it”.

However, if you truly want to live, you can’t always be a loner or an outsider and not care about the world. It takes wisdom to understand that each of us have responsibilities and we can’t just pass at whatever life throws at us . Or burden other people because we just want to do what we want to do. We have to learn how to live to let other people live.

                                                                                            “THE SEX SYMBOL”


I think most girls go through a stage in their lives where they want to feel sexy. I’m not saying I want to have sex. What I mean is that I wanted to be desired. To enter a room an turn heads. To be the envy of girls and the wish of men. To be able to look in the mirror and tell myself “damn I look good!”

But you know what, when you find that person, who’ll always make feel desired and beautiful just the way you are… you won’t even have to try.

So as you can see, I’ve tried to be someone in so many different ways. And I guess I’ll still be some kind of stereotype in the future. But the thing is; I’m real. I’m not a fictional character. I may have tried to be a stereotype from time to time but still that was all me. Different, but uniquely me.


How about you reader; have you tried to be a stereotype too?


  1. uhmmm..what the heck! I wanna be "The Sex Symbol"


  2. LOL~ you're already a head turner mai

    hmmm I think you're more of the rocker tough girl like julia stiles in "10 Things I Hate About You" ^_^

  3. I love the nerdy girl :D

    Btw, I'm from Vietnam. I saw you on Mai Yang blog and thought that you must be really beautiful and I was right:D. May I have the honor to know more about you, my lady ?

  4. I smiled when you said "But you know what, when you find that person, who’ll always make feel desired and beautiful just the way you are… you won’t even have to try." But that doesn't mean you should let yourself go! You are uniquely you. I went through a bit of a goth phase when I was 15 but that was to try and fit in with the only people who would let me hang around with them. Now I still have long hair and like heavy metal, but I would never call myself a goth, or an emo, or whatever. Hell for a few years of my life I wore make up, but something tells me those days might not be totally over.

  5. @Linux and Life

    Thanks ^_^ I'm not as gorgeous as Mai though...

    Just keep posted on my blog and you'll surely get to know more about me.

    Again, thanks so much for following and I'll follow your blog too ^____^

  6. @Mark
    You always have a good point whenever you give comments on posts. ^_^

    Of course I owe it to myself to always look my best but it's comforting to know someone would still think I'm pretty even at my worst.

    Really? I think you may be too smart for goth or emo! LOL

  7. lol yes it is nice to know you'll be liked even at your worst :) There was actually this really pretentious guy I hung out with, he would make you think twice about the smartness of goths lol. First you'd think "maybe they aren't so dumb", then you'd think "Wait wait, yes, yes they are". It's the joy of stereotypes though, not everyone is exactly like that. There's such a thing as a nice jock...

    I'm almost sure of it.

  8. I can't stop laughing about the "Wait wait, yes, yes they are" LOL~

    A lot of people are like that... they act like they know it all but they don't actually know what they are doing... a lot of people... parents, politicians, teachers, bosses LOL ^_^

  9. Thanks for a comment and being a follower of mine. And I really like humble girls :D


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