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Oh the Marry Marriages

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


How was your week? Mine was full of ‘marriages’ ; literally!

As days go by, I’m starting to get busy planning my own wedding. We (my fiancé and I) decided to be hands-on to this and we pretty much marched around the whole city checking out bridal stores, flower shops, invitation makers, etc.~ etc.~

But of course we’re not the only two people in love in this planet. Ours is just one of the 4 stories of marriage that happened this week.

A few weeks ago, my fiancé’s college friend surprised us with the news that she is also getting married. And last Wednesday we attended her beautiful and fun wedding. Kudos to them for the scrumptious food that filled our belly! The wedding was very well organized too. It was filled with fun presentations and dances. I loved how the couple seemed so happy and comfortable with each other. They seemed to be like the best of friends.











On damper state, the wife of my fiancé’s co-worker (both are nice friends to us), had fallen ill. The couple are just a year older than my fiancé  but they were married younger and now have 3 kids. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for their situation. I guess marriage doesn’t mean “a happy ending”. The challenges that await love in marriage is more complicated and would inflict a deeper sense of pain. Unlike the simple “lovers quarrel”, sadness is reflected not just between the couple’s eyes but on their children’s eyes too.

Since marriage is both a challenge and a prize. It is only right to celebrate it too. That was exactly what my parents did on Thursday. They celebrated their 26th Wedding Anniversary. We had food prepared, there was music and they invited friends  and relatives over.They were pretty happy. My mom said, when I told her we were getting married, that marriage is a never ending series of arguments and disagreements. Thinking about it gave me hope that people can still last and be happily married in this day and age; throughout all those arguments.

mapa anniv

So those are the stories of marriages that filled my week. I and my fiancé who are about to be married, our newly wed friends, a husband and wife going through tough times and old folks celebrating the longevity of their marriage.


  1. Hi dear, good to hear from season is always exciting, I think the best part is probably planning your own wedding. Congratulations to you parents on their anniversary! Thats an amazing 26 years and a great role model for the rest of us :)

    1. Hi Sam! thanks for always cheering up my blog with your nice comments ^__^

      i'm really happy for my parents and which more couples would have a lasting marriage too

      have a great day!!

  2. good to hear that... i can't wait to see your wedding pictures...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

    1. it'll be a long wait because it's still on November ^_^

      hopefully i'll post some prenup pic soon

      have a nice day julianne!

  3. well I hope for you marrage means a happy ending!

    1. thank you~ ^___^ i hope the same for all the couple getting married out there

      have a nice day bersercules!

  4. oh, I'm curious about the wedding day of yours :D

    1. hehe don't cry mai yang ha? LOL~ hopefully we'll all have a good time ^_^

      have a nice day!

  5. ur blog is amazing :) im fallowing u now :)

    1. Thanks! Your blog is pretty cool too! +followed

      ^_^ have a nice day!

  6. Thanks for your comment dear..hows all the wedding buzz? Hope things are falling into place! I wanted to ask if you would wear a white gown or is there a traditional one or both?

    1. Hi Sam! Oh gosh! There's so much detail into wedding planning... But it's still 5 months away so were still just on the planning stage of it all.

      Sadly there's no traditional wedding dresses in the Philippines unlike other Asian countries. Which makes it so hard for me to pic a dress ~_~


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