Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Telenovela Effect

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


Have you ever watched a ‘Telenovela’?  It’s a strangely addictive TV series that invokes a thriving anger at every end of an episode.

You see, the hallmark of ‘telenovelas’ is how ultimate evil can get and that the protagonist seems to be so helpless with wave after wave of sheer bad luck and of course the ruthless mischiefs of the antagonists.

I’ve always hated these shows which is why I praise the heavens for the creation of Youtube where I can find alternative, and more useful things to watch such as “29 ways to wear your underwear” O_o

Anyway, the reason for mentioning ‘telenovelas’ is because for the past weeks; I’ve felt like my life has been plagued with the “Telenovela Effect”

So dramatic! As my brother caught “dengue fever” and I desperately posted for help on Facebook.  Even more so, when and I ran through the pouring rain, clutching a piece of paper, begging the seemingly indifferent clerk at the Blood Bank to please give us blood so that my brother can have the transfusion. After 23 (imagine that!) bags were transfused, he recovered and is now okay.

But like I said, “telenovela effect”. I caught flu and was sick for a couple of days. Then, I had such a severe asthma attack (I haven’t had that kind for like 4 years!) I was stuck in bed and missed out on so many things that I wanted to do.

Both of those pre-mentioned events made me mess up my class schedule with my tutee which kind of pissed him off; I think…

Then I had an argument with my boyfriend over something stupid like “how fat is fat” and "’how fat is chubby” which we still can’t agree on ‘till now.

Well, bottom line is, I just told you why I haven’t blogged for a while. Ugrh! I wish I could get out of this “telenovela effect” rut! So if you are reading this last line, I’m passing it on to you! Ha! LOL~  Smile with tongue out


  1. Hi sweetheart, so sorry to hear that you and your brother were not well. Hope you've both recovered nicely. I have actually seen a telenovela here on SA tv, perhaps its not an actual one but very similar and it was dubbed in English. I think it was supposed to be very dramatic and serious but it was really funny!

    1. Hi Sam! you always brighten up my day with your comments ^_^ we're both okay now. Yes, telenovelas can be hilariously annoying sometimes

      have a nice day Sam!

  2. I'm just so glad he's okay :)

    again, regards Janine niya. hahaha!

    1. mai yang! lol~ basin magselos iyang GF... expecting parents na raba sila! whoops! nag announce na nuon ko hehe shhh~

    2. ayay. haha! cge, ingnun naku si janine ana. haha


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