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I’m Back?

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


I am the indistinctive writer. I figured that I should introduce myself again since it has been a long, LONG time since I last wrote a blog.

You might recall me dropping comments on your blog, or writing about my random day to day life, and I also did a blog series.

Today, I woke up a completely different person. Actually, someone reminded me about this blog and felt compelled to write.

Honestly, I don’t want to… I’ve neglected this blog for the longest time. I probably lost most of my followers and blogger friends. I don’t even know how or where to start again.

I suppose explaining why I haven’t blogged would be the most I can do.

It all started last February when my boyfriend of 7 years proposed to me.


He opted for the traditional way of asking for my hand in marriage by April .


I also went through work issues and finally quit my employment and bid my crew/staff goodbye for a home-based job by May.

DD Agora days with crew

July of this year, my fiancé and I were offered a house (a big wreck actually) for sale.

little house


We had the thing fixed and the construction wore us down physically, financially, emotionally throughout the months that followed. We were also slowly preparing for our wedding.


September came and we needed to get our act together because our wedding was just weeks away.

October was the busiest of months with overlapping concerns on the house papers and construction as well as wedding preparations.

engagement photos

Pre-Nup Photo

By November, I dropped all worries over the house and focused my attention on the wedding.

We were wed on the 10th.

wedding photo

We flew to Palawan the day after and vacationed for a week.

honeymoon in el nido palawan

When we got back, it was again crazy busy as we finally opened our wedding gifts and moved into this little matchbox of a house.

And here I am, this 1st of December, dumbfounded at how I lost track of my blog. Still busy but coping with my new life, new name, new home…

I’ll try to tell you more about the things I’ve mentioned in this blog… But this is all I can offer you as of now.

See you on my next blog! ^_^


  1. Your dress is lovely, and I'm glad you're back :) x

    1. thanks! that dress is super heavy though... LOL ^_^

      have a great day!

  2. happy that your back hun!! And Congratulations on the wedding, you must have made the most beautiful bride.

    1. looking pretty was the least of my concern on the wedding day ^_^ i was just so relieved it's over LOL

      have a great day sam! ^_^

  3. welcome back....kumusta si mai yang....ang magandang si mai yang....

    1. maganda parin si mai yang ^_^ super busy sa career at lovelife hehehe

      have a great day!

  4. wow, you're married na. pls. us your wedding photos... welcome back, sis!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

    1. hopefully i'll be able to blog photos soon ^_^

      have a great day!


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