Monday, February 28, 2011

Love is Accepting Change

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

It is the end of the month of love and it has me contemplating on what love really is...

They say that 'love' is the only ambiguous word in the Philippine constitution. That is, because it is a word, which until today, does not have one universally accepted definition. This would be because everyone has their own definition of the word 'love'.

Here is how I define 'love'.... Love is acceptance amid change.

There have been so many great love stories scribbled throughout time; Each unique from the other. Yet there is only one measure for a successful love... and that is how long love lasts.

These days everything comes and goes so fast. It seems that nothing lasts. The fad, the weather, information and almost everything in our contemporary lives constantly change in a blink of an eye. It is only certain that, well... for most contemporary people, aiming for lasting love is like rowing against the currents.

Looking back at the years I had with my special someone, I realized that it was the little changes in our lives that led into huge arguments. Changes in work schedule, in a set of new friends, in habits, even the way each other dressed somewhat led to misunderstandings and eventually fights.

It has been a struggle for me. I have always wanted everything in my life going according to plan. But I realized love isn't like that. Like the little changes that we've noticed in our lives, we've changed too.

The challenge was accepting each other amid these changes. This is made me realize that key to a lasting relationship is acceptance.

I realized we won't always like the same things we liked a few months ago. We both will eventually find new friends. We would have changes in the activities to do. Soon enough, we will have changes in the way we look as we grow older.

What's important is that... I accept him, in spite of the many changes that we both go through.


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