Saturday, June 2, 2012

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


Alright, as promised I’m making a movie review on the latest movie that I’ve seen. But first; ‘rules’…

1. This is purely my opinion.    

2. This movie review blog may contain spoilers.


So now that that’s out of the way; lets move on to the review.


As an overall impression of the movie’s storyline, I would have to say that the movie was so superficial. I mean, the story was so vague that it somewhat came off as confusing. There were so many loopholes in the story; so many unnecessary scenes, unanswered questions, and lame justification of actions. It didn’t have one consistent message and scenes were so random and incoherent which lead to a poor and uninteresting story. For instance, Snow White prays the “Our Father” (is she Catholic?) then hails a buck? (Taoist?) WTF!? Then there’s irony that she is a princess locked in a tower for years and yet she happens to be wearing “jeggings” (jean-leggings). And what was with Snow White giving the huntsman a ‘sex-stare’ at the end of the movie?

I did however like the rustic setting. The architecture of the castle and the towns. I also liked the visual effects of the ‘Dark Forest’ scene. I particularly was amused by the dwarves. So little yet so brave. ^_^

I give my applause to Charlize Theron who did a fantastic job at portraying a psychotic, power hungry, evil queen. Chris Hemsworth did a pretty good job himself. He tried his best to deviate from his ‘Thor’ character by picking up an ‘Irish’ (I think) accent and portraying a more human-like sensitive character. However, the directors thought otherwise when they gave him an ‘axe’. His best scene in the movie for me was his monologue in front of Snow White’s corps.

But alas, the star of this review is Kristen Stewart. The actress who single handedly ruined the movie. S-word, how in the hell did she ever turn into an actress? In the movie,  she either looked like she badly needed to take a dumb or is high on some sort of drug. Oh! I could still recall the horror of her speech scene where it seemed as if she just learned to talk and is blabbering non-sense which even she did not understand for herself. Please stop casting her on movies for the sake of viewers’ sanity…


So on the rate of 1 to 5; five being the highest, I give this movie

a TWO  Sad smile


Sorry folks, I don’t think it’s worth the bucks.


  1. oh no... i haven't watch the movie yet, so i can't give my opinion, too. do you think she's good in twilight?

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    1. she was bad in twilight... she is worse in this one... LOL ^_^

  2. HAHA! bro said exactly the same so I'm not watching this :D

    1. pariho lagi mi gabagotbot hehe samok kayo kristen stewart oi... ^_^

  3. I totally wasted my time watching this too. It was my mom's birthday and she liked it, mainly because she likes fairytale and I was bored to death!
    Hahaha! I agree with K Stewart needing acting lessons and Charlize along with the forest scene with the dwarves and those animals were the only ones i like :D

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    1. Hi! thanks for dropping by ^_^

      sure i'll check your post... i don't see your updates on my feed :(

      have a nice day!

  4. Another here: the evil queen is evil with feminist arguments? wtf... this movie has so many wtfs...


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