Monday, June 4, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy

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As you might have noticed (or not), I have placed ‘pages’ below my blog title. I figured it would be easier for you to browse through my blogs if they were categorized and  you can simply click on their links on the pages section.

Anyway, I’ve designated a page for “Poetry, Prose and Inspirations”. Since I am ‘an indistinctive writer’ it is only right to share with you the pieces that I have written or am working on. I’d also like to feature some of the literary pieces or maxims that have inspired me to write.

So here’s one.








After watching the film I wiki searched about the book by Suzanne Collins like a good fan girl would do. Then, I went to probably 6 bookshops demanding for the book. Most of them were sold out; one store keeper did not know what the heck I was looking for.

A few weeks later, after loosing all hope of getting a copy, I saw a package deal of the 3 books at a bookshops window section(one that I went to and was sold out last time) . I ran inside, grabbed the books and headed for the teller without even checking if I had enough money. (LOL) Luckily they accepted debit cards and I got the books.

I read the entire trilogy in a week; literally. I started Saturday and ended Friday. And that’s crazy for me (a girl who hates reading).

Of the three books, I enjoyed ‘Catching Fire’ most although I felt like the pacing of the first few chapters was off. I least liked the last book, ‘Mockingjay’, because of how Katniss’ character evolved from strong and rational to petty and stupid.

I also did not like the idea that Katniss  was just settling for Peeta because she hated Gale.

Favorite Character: Finnick O’dair

Favorite Scene: Katniss shooting President Coin. (oops, spoilers!)

Book or Film: The movie was good but it did not live up to how good the books were.


By the way, I found this website of someone’s blog that featured the ‘Mockingjay’. The writer talks about each chapter of the book as well as writing down his reaction on them. It’s kind of funny so go check it out.


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  1. You should check out either the book, manga or movie of the Japanese work Battle Royale. Hunger Games got accusations of plagiarism since the plots were similar, but Battle Royale is a lot darker and mature with bigger battles and more characters.

    If you go the movie route, do not see the sequel under any circumstances. It's not based on any book unlike the first film, and it's a crime against art.

    1. LOL~ well i wouldn't want to commit a crime, especially against art! ^_^

      thanks for the info, i'll check that out

      have a nice day!

  2. oh. I've always been curious about this book but I'm too lazy to read it. but when I look for it, I noticed it's back to it's owner already. HAHA!!! so, I guess I'll just settle with my Game of Thrones book-anyway, I don't get tired reading those over and over again. HAHA!

    1. hehe giuslan sakong manghud... box ra nabilin sako :( complete na imong GOT book series mai?

    2. aws. HAHA. nope. duha ra ang naa sa ako. puro hinatag :)

  3. that was a nice book, i love reading before, but when i started to blog, i don't have time to read anymore!

    It’s a GIRL Thing


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