Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthy Living: My first Fun “Walk”

Hello Gorgeous Reader!


Sorry about my last blog… It was kind of emo. Well, it did make me feel better sharing my anxieties… I know they’re pretty lame… ~_~   Thanks so much to those who gave comments and advice. It really means a lot to me. ^_^


Anyway, on the lighter side of things, I did mention about getting fit and healthy on my last post. My fiancé had been encouraging me to stay fit and exercise. He is fond of joining “Fun Runs”.

**here’s the proof**char run

He encourages me to join, but I was too busy with work then. So now that I work from home; I had no reason to decline. ~_~

I’m asthmatic and lousy so I was really intimidated by it all. I said “Can I just walk instead of run?” And I did walk half or three fourths or the 3 kilometer distance.

OMG~ can I do this?


I honestly almost quit, especially when I walked past a McDonalds store! LOL ^_^ But I persevered after seeing 7 year-old kids running past me. LOL

Here we go~…








Finally, I made the 3K run! My fiancé said he was proud of me, but I was really surprised at myself! ^_^

Yay! Finish Line!!


He ran 10 kilometers! ^_^


It was a nice experience for change. Even nicer to watch a whole family join the “Fun Run” There were a couple of familiar faces who joined the event too. It was a nice bonding moment. ^_^





Have you ever joined a Fun Run reader? I hope you had a nice time. ^_^


  1. Hi doll, congrats on getting through this, I think I would have gave up after the first 5 minutes. It takes so much effort, physically and mentally as well as perseverance, and you are lucky to have both! Well done!

  2. Hi Sam! ^___^ im so happy i finally have a comment on this blog! LOL~

    I'm pretty sure you can make the 3k. Other girls out there looked pretty in their sports wear too.

    thanks so much for the comment and have a great day! ^_^

  3. wow, great day i thin you had, i really love run!


    1. thank you for the comment! ^_^

      have a great day!

  4. Love your blog, mind to follow each other? Let me know, sweetie, can't wait!

    Kisses :**

    1. Hello! thanks for the comment! Sure! I'll check out your blog!

      It'd be great to follow other bloggers and have followers too ^__^

      have a great day!

  5. Followed you back sweetie :) Hope we can keep in touch ;*

    1. thank you! ^_^ i like your blog too... i wish i could do fashion blogs but i kind of have a weird fashion lol~

  6. oh, really, such a fun experience! there's a fun run for Manila Bay this July, i'm planning to join, too!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

    1. yeah, it was kind of fun ^_^ that's great but i'm more curious of the outfit that you'll wear for the fun run LOL~ i need some workout fashion sense!


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