Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It Starts Now!

Hello Gorgeous Reader!
If you have read my past blogs, you’d probably be getting an impression that I’m a bit pessimistic… Well, I guess there could be some sense to that.
You see, most of the time I tend to over think before deciding on something (especially when cash is involved   O_o ).
Usually I’d tell myself “well, you have this amount to buy this particular thing you want… but what if you save more so that you can buy something better?”
In many aspects of my life, I’ve put-off a lot of things that I’ve been wanting to do. Things like studying post grad, traveling , hobbies, or even meeting friends.
Lately I’ve come to realize that things aren’t going to get any cheaper. Everything will eventually just get pricier. The only thing that’s wasted is time.
So I’ve decided to stop planning and start doing. It starts NOW. Not tomorrow, not later, and not soon but NOW.
Last weekend, I started one of the many hobbies that I wanted to do; Painting. With encouragement from my inspiration, I bought a couple of things for this hobby. (yes, I’ve been wanting to buy these things for years!)
painting kit
Oh I felt like a child opening presents on Christmas morning when I unpacked the shopping bag. I was so excited that they seemed to sparkle in my eyes. (LOL)
Then I went on to try them out. Here’s my trial painting…
(please don’t judge ^_^ I’m just an amateur)

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that; I really felt a child-like sense of happiness from this experience. It kind of made me think that happiness doesn’t necessarily have to come from having expensive things. They come from being able to do what you love doing.

How about you? Do you have hobbies or plans that you’ve been putting off? Why?


  1. karon pa ko kabasa ani. hmmm..
    wala man koi hobby, though I love travelling pero wala man ko money. haha! alangan mangayo ko ni bro. so, ayha nalang ko mag start jo! hahaha!

    as for you jo, God bless! ^_^

  2. chada bai... cute kaayo ang mga isda.. keep it up! ^____^


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