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Ooops I lied!

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I just would like to share with you a very peculiar and awkward incident that I experienced almost a week ago...

I happened to be on an outside office business for my job. As I was on my way to another location, I bumped into a familiar face from my college years. I knew this person because he was the baggage guy from school. (You have to deposit your things before you enter the library).

Well I tried to be polite and respond with a greeting when he greeted me on the street. He asked me what company do I work for (because I was wearing uniform). I answered and asked back 'well how about you?' (trying to be polite again). He was like "oh just this hotel" trying to sound disinterested. "Wow, that's great" ['thinking to myself': for a baggage guy'].

Then starts the awkwardness....

He asked what provider do I use on my cellphone. I was like "oh this other line" (hoping to discourage him from asking my number) The most horrible words came from his mouth "can I have your number?" ['thinking to myself': shit! what do I do?] I was like.. "oh... okay, but you know I don't really text that much... so I hope you won't get offended if I don't text back" He said, "okay, what's your number?" I automatically replied, number number number... [oh, shit why the heck did I give my number!?] Then, I said, okay bye I have to go.

Then even more awkwardness...

He said, "can I come with you?" [what the hell are you talking about?] I was stunned for a moment because I thought it was creepy of him to ask. Then I said "I'm actually in the middle of work right now..." And right on cue, a jeepney just rolled by through the curve. [yes!] "Oh this is my ride, bye". I almost jumped and ran towards the jeepney entrance. When I finally sat down into the jeep I felt so relieved... [gosh... that guy was wayyyy creepy!]

When I looked back to see if I escaped from that creep... he was sitting right next to me in the jeep!! [my GOSH! can I please jump off this jeep right now?!]

"umm, what are you doing here?" "oh I said, I was going to go with you" he replied. "I said I was working." I replied firmly. (the jeep started to go) "oh, I didn't catch your name. what name will I put on my phonebook for your number?" [WHAT?] "what? you don't even know my name? And you asked for my number? Oh come on...." "I forgot your name..." he sheepishly replied. "So, what's your name?" he insisted.

Do you know... (I then enumerated a couple of my classmates names)... He said that a few of those names sounded familiar. I enumerated a couple more names. Then, I said "oh you know that last name that I said... that's me [that was NOT me]" I laughed. He totally believed it! LIE #1 [oh crap, I gave my old classmate's name to this bozo]

Looking out the jeepney, he asked "where is this place?". I replied "this is the way to where 'I'm going' you should get off the jeep on this curve" It seemed liked he wasn't listening. "I'll pay your fare." he said. I automatically replied "no, I'm fine. I have my own money." He took his wallet and opened it wide so that I could see the bills tucked inside (there was a 1 thousand bill) "oh, I didn't realize  that I don't have change". He chuckled. [GET LOST CREEP!!! : I thought to myself.]

"You really don't know me do you?" I chuckled too. "By the way, I gave you the wrong number" [it was my real number in fact] "that should be a 2 instead of a 5..." LIE #2 [sorry creep but I just couldn't stand the thought of giving you my number]. He said "oh thanks" (I suppose he thought to himself that I changed my mind because of his 1 thousand bill) "What do you do for a living by the way?" he asked. LIE #3 "I'm and auditor... you know I audit stuff.. " [wrong! I don't even know what the heck an auditor does] LOL!...

"Can I go with you to where you're going?"
Me: "no".
"Can we hang out sometimes?"
Me: "no".
He continued to ask more questions which I monotonously answered with "no"

[gosh how long will this creep keep talking to me?]

FINALLY, he recognized another person inside the jeep and started talking to that other person instead.

 And when he got off the jeep... it was as though the heavens opened and the skies shined down on me~ ^_^


  1. wow..sounds like a creep

  2. hahahahahaha! hmmm..I hope he's not from LC :D

  3. LOL~ sad but true mai... watch out! ^_^

  4. whoa! murag kaila galing ko ana? d na mao katong gamai na kulitttttt kaau? haha!
    annoying man gyud to sya. hehe

  5. omg!! tumpak! creepy jud kaayo sha ay.... O_o

  6. hahaha! feeling lage to sya ba? maulit ko sa iya ato! hahaha..Oops! hehe..-touching touching kaau! hahaha

  7. lagi gibati jud to sha ug kaanyag ay... hehehe delusional kaayo nga nilalang LOL...


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