Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life’s Little Ironies: Ice Cream

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I’d like to share this photo with you…

I was out at a photo copying shop busily filling out a hand-full of papers. It was 10am and I haven’t had any food yet. However, I was more concerned about my job than my stomach being empty.

I tried to keep my balance with all the things I was carrying to wipe the sweat on my face as the shop’s air-conditioner was broken.

As I anxiously waited for the papers being copied, I looked through the glass door to see this….



  1. oh! for the love of ice cream =))
    nice post jo ^_^

  2. yahay kaayo sila mai noh? hehe walay eskwela, walay trabaho, way problema, sige lang kaon libre ice cream... that's it! mag street child nako! LOL

  3. Kids are evil. Ice cream is not.


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