Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meeting His ‘Wicked’ Sister


Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I guess most or all of my followers are followers of “The Most Awesome Blog Title Ever” whose writer is my boyfriend’s sister.

She recently wrote a blog to promote my blog-site

"Wicked Sister Meet's Brother's Girlfriend"

I guess I could recall a lot of awkward moments when I’m around my boyfriend’s family. Specially that we met as total strangers with only one common friend.


The day I met his sister:

I had been asking him about his family since he had already met mine for couple of times. One day, I received a text message from him saying that he wants me to have lunch at his place with his sisters. The first thought  I had was ‘OMG!’. I probably checked myself at every mirror on the way to his place [yes, including the parked car’s windows]. Probably lost 30 strands of hair from fixing it over and over. Bruised my lip from biting it out of nervousness. When I finally saw his sister, I secretly collapsed in my head…. While we ate, I tried my very best to eat as quietly as possible; sat like a military man and chewed like a poised lady. I looked in only two directions; up and down.

The day I met his parents:

It was his birthday. He said we’d drop by the church before having lunch at his place with his family. I was late as usual. I think I changed my clothes 7 times before leaving. (Not to mention bathing for two hours.) Before we entered the door to his house, I froze for 5 seconds that he had to tug my hand. And there I was… wearing pink blouse and white skirt. My hair tied in place with a white scarf-like cloth. I wore pink ballet flats and held a pink purse. And there they were… in their plain house clothes! (OMG!) I could tell how over-dressed I was by the way they looked at me… ~_~

The day we went to a wedding:

He invited me to be in his cousin’s wedding. It was the first wedding he was invited to ever since we were together. I learned my lesson this time. I didn’t over dress ^_^ I sat near the aisle beside his sister. I’ve seen them a couple of times already so I wasn’t as nervous as I used to be. When the wedding started, I looked at him standing near the groom and looking like the man of my dreams smiling back at me… my heart just melted…. Then his sister spoke to me… she said “You know when my brother gets married, I’m really gonna cry… Because his new wife would take him away from us”  I choked and smiled awkwardly… O_o


But you know, it’s not all that bad. I also have two brothers and I equally act awkward around their girlfriends. And… I think I’d also be kind of emotional when they get married….

I guess the best consolation is the fact that I can rest assured that if I marry this guy I’m sure to have decent looking kids because he does come from a family of good-looking people who are decent and act the way they feel around me.

I’d rather have a ‘wicked’ boyfriend’s sister act the way she does; than have someone act completely pleasant around me and talk crap behind my back. Wouldn’t you?


How about you gorgeous reader? Have you had awkward moments like me?


  1. OMG! Nabuang ko pangita ani na pic! hahaha! iapil unta ni naku kanina! hmp. hahaha! ^_^

    Nice "BALOS" hahahahaha!

  2. yup.. sa photobucket pa nako ni nakita na pic ^_^ wala pay sean ani na photo...

  3. What she said was kind of cute, and yet evil at the same time. I wish my sisters were like that lol. I think it is better that she is honest with you, and she certainly seems nice, or at least treats you with respect. But marry a man for his money, I mean FOR HIM, rather than his family.

    Remember, money.

    I mean, him.

    For love.

    Et cetera.

  4. @mark money is 'evil'. It's a given that I love him for him... liking his family is a bonus

    @dwizzt thanks ^_^


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