Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No blog today Excuse…

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I’m sorry but I’m too disoriented to write a blog today….

I’m currently undergoing training for my day job as a Training Associate (I train service crews). It’s a production training and it is both physically and intellectually demanding. (And I’m not an intellectual person to begin with.. [I’m doomed! O_o] )

I need to memorize all these standard proportions, temperature, timing, terminologies, so on and so forth…

So the blog challenge will just have to wait.

I’ll just leave you with a video clip that I recorded when I got home today. (I had dinner at Mai’s btw… ^_^)

(This is just me trying to deflect my anxiety over the training thing…)

I neither know the lyrics nor the chords to this song. But this is the best I can give you today.

I’ll just read blog roll updates later… Good night/evening/afternoon/morning (wherever you are)

How about you reader; what do you do when you’re anxious about something?


  1. You do better with that guitar than I do and I had 2 years of lessons >_> When I'm anxious...I usually just give up lol.

  2. if you play guitar like that whenever you're in stress, then you should be stressed for ever :D

    nice voice and nice guitar.

  3. I like your sing and I'm also suprised by your english skills:)

  4. I just realized that most of the comments on my come from a specific group of bloggers lol (we're all like besties! ^_^) but really thanks for your comments!

    @mark I had a few years of guitar lessons... i taught myself lol~

    @linux stressed forever? oh my... ~_~

    @rifle thank you ^_^ (I used to teach English online to Koreans)


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