Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Dating Challenge

Hello Gorgeous Reader!

I just wanted to take a little break from the blog challenge and share some personal experience with you.

If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know that I’m in a relationship. We’ve been together for 6 years and running 7 this year.

For those of you who have been or are currently in a relationship, I think we could all agree that monotony is one of the factors that rips relationships apart.

If you do the same routine, talk about the same things, eat at the same place over and over again… dates just seem less special even when you’re with that special person.

Eventually, because lovers are bored with their monotonous routine, they’d end up finding other activities of their own. Although this is good to some extent, there is a great tendency that this would lead to conflicts.

Case in Point:
“You don’t have time for me”
“You’d rather spend time on other things”
“I’m not as important to you anymore”
“You don’t love me anymore”

Going back the challenge , I asked my boyfriend to come up with interesting ways to date (I'll also be coming up with ideas too) which we could share with you readers hoping that it would give you some ideas to make your relationship ever blooming. ^_^


He brought me to a restaurant where you dine on top of a street (literally!) I mean you could literally see the cars driving by underneath you!

It was nice though… It was drizzling at the time. I don’t know with you but I find watching traffic relaxing…

Ambiance: 4* It’s a unique place to dine. The tables on the terrace gives enough privacy and scenery at the same time. The lighting was okay as well. I had some jitters about stepping outside onto the narrow terrace but it was surprisingly sturdy.

Food: 3* The meals were good and budget friendly. One of our food crazes are shakes but their mango shake tasted a like it had too much ice and too little flavor. We also thought that their dessert was a little too pricy for the size of its serving.

Service: 2* Their crew was attentive and serving time was okay. However their floor was dirty and we even had to remind the server to pick up the fork on the floor  ~_~

Hearts: 4* I guess although it’s not a very fancy place; the place is romantic in general. Specially that it was a dinner date and it was drizzling. ^___^

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  1. sa velez-hayes ni noh? lami ilang foods dri? :D

  2. wow! one word!

    UNFAIR! hahahahahah!

  3. @dwizzt ummm di kayo ko familiar sa mga dalan but murag sa velez-hayes man siguro na... okay lang ilang food nothing special but sakto ra sad ilang price... ^_^

  4. @mai lol sagdi lng mai kaon2x ratag ato next time hehehe ^_^

  5. that's lovely. And btw, in Philippines, you guys eat rice the same way we do in Vietnam lol

  6. Let's say lucky boyfriend. I like the pics too, definitely looks interesting.

  7. I could never eat there, I have trouble walking over a bridge that goes over a road, let alone eating on something like that lol. Though I will admit it would offer some nice views, especially at night :)

  8. @Linux yup, in fact around 30% of our rice is imported from Vietnam! LOL

    @neatfix thank you for the positive remarks ^_^

    @mark aw really? that's terrible! you should try zip lining; it's crazy!

  9. Nooooooooo. I'm not an adrenaline junkie. Yet. I won't even get on a roller coaster. Maybe when I've lost some weight :)

  10. @mai yang hehehe ayha pako ka realize sa 'unfair' lol ako gichange ang title sa blog ^___^

  11. sa TNT man cguro nah.hehehe


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