Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When All Else Fail; Just Cry


Hello Gorgeous Reader!

Today is not one of my best days. So I’m just going to make this blog simple.

It’s the first day of my production hands-on training. I tried to start the day right by waking up early. But I still made my mom miss her bus ride.

I got to the production area early. Too early in fact that I waited for an hour before all the other trainees got there. ~_~

I had a mess of a training there from kneading the dough, to cutting, and even frying (which I am terrified of). It felt like a hundred degrees inside the work area. I was tired, hungry, nervous, and soooo exhausted. @_@

After half a day of hands-on training, we had an exam where I FAILED BIG TIME. I wanted to talk to someone but when I asked my boyfriend where he was, he said he was at the tennis court and that I should take care on my way home. So I went home.


I got home to find no one there and the house was locked and I had no keys. All I wanted to do was to crash onto the nearest bed and I couldn’t even take a seat! I was stranded outside the house for about an hour.

I just felt so tired from  the hands on training and so frustrated from the exam. And on top of that, there I was stranded outside…

I was so overwhelmed of how bad my day was that I just started crying (yes, literally crying like fool). So I just cried and cried until I realized how stupid I looked because our dog looked at me like that’s exactly what she was thinking…


What do you do when you’ve had the worst day reader? Do you cry like I do?


  1. Yes I cried as if that's the only way out. But thankful also becasue I always have my family, friends, boyfie to comfort me.

    God bless you.

  2. @Krizzia
    Thanks... ^_^ now I don't have to feel like such a weirdo for crying like that.... you're nice :)

  3. To be honest I only ever cry these days as a self defense mechanism. Every time someone says they saw or heard something that makes me cry, it can move me a bit, but there's rarely ever any tears. Sometimes I actually wish I could cry more -_-

  4. Today, I had a very important GPA-determining midterm at 7:30AM. Guess when I woke up? 7:21AM. Guess when I entered the auditorium to complete the exam? 7:29AM, thankfully. If I had missed that exam, I definitely, without shame, would have cried.

  5. @mark why would anyone want to cry? lol you're funny...

    @JPB wow, you are one lucky person! try the lottery! LOL

  6. lol go without crying for ages and you'll see what I mean :P


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